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    Thread: Scirocco fuel system Dialysis

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    1. Member TheTimob's Avatar
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      Sep 13th, 2003
      Divide, CO
      84 Scirocco, 13 Prius C, 94 beige Camry!
      04-29-2012 01:51 PM #1
      A few weeks ago, I removed my car's transfer pump screen, cleaned it, and put it back into the tank.

      As it turns out, the fell out when I put it back into the tank. The pump sucked all the rusty gook out of the tank and sent it into the fuel system. A few weeks later, my car started running on two cylinders.

      A flow test of the injectors led me to discover that the injector's pickup screens were clogged with crap.

      obviously, most Scirocco fuel injectors do not look like this, but CIS injectors are the same, they also have a screen in them. Note the clog.

      So I removed the fuel filter. That bucket was white. All of the black stuff came out of the filter.

      I cut it open, and saw bad things:

      Time to flush the fuel system. First, I wanted to flush the feed side to clean all of the pumps. I put in a clear plastic 5/16" carburator fuel filter, and ran the hose back into the fuel tank. I ran the pump for more than an hour like this.

      Here's the crap I collected:

      Then I put a new fuel injection fuel filter in (not clear) and hooked the fuel rail back up. I pressurized the fuel system, and let that run for another hour. You can't use a clear plastic filter for this because the fuel pressure regulator runs the system at 43psi, more than the max 8psi of the fuel filter.

      I soaked the fuel injectors in a tray full of SeaFoam overnight.

      All is well now!

      Moral of the story: CHANGE YOUR FUEL FILTERS!

    2. Member BluDemon's Avatar
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      Jun 19th, 2005
      Dickson, TN
      2013 Porsche 911 C4S, 2004 Aprilia Scarabeo 500, 1988 VW Scirocco
      04-29-2012 02:14 PM #2
      need to change that tank out sooner or later.

    3. Member Brycejoseph's Avatar
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      Jul 9th, 2008
      Boise, ID
      1992 GTI (Daily), 1977 Scirocco 16vT Hillclimb, 1979 Scirocco, 1988 Scirocco 16v, 1972 CB350
      04-29-2012 02:45 PM #3
      Nice write up! I will have to do that line flush system on all my cars!
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      I clean CIS injectors
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    4. Member Rocco.loco's Avatar
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      Nov 1st, 2003
      Nova Scotia...eh!!
      1984.5 Rocco, 1987 Rocco 16v
      04-29-2012 03:19 PM #4
      WOW!!!......I can only imagine if CIS, where all that crap would have packed in, in the fuel distributor..........
      My '84.5 hasn't run in a while, spark but no fuel, and this summer I've gotta check the transfer pump and syphon the tank, and flush like you did.....
      ....and I HATE BANJO FITTINGS!!!
      "If you're not the lead dog, the view is always the same...."

      "Red Gloves Rule!!!".......99 Greg Moore

    5. 04-29-2012 05:57 PM #6
      30 sec gestalt leads to the following TiMob Tip feedback:

      - Kudos for not only finding solutions but documenting and sharing.

    6. Member TheTimob's Avatar
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      Sep 13th, 2003
      Divide, CO
      84 Scirocco, 13 Prius C, 94 beige Camry!
      04-30-2012 10:21 PM #7
      More different Dialysis now. The fuel system is clean, and all filters are new. The tank is still full of junk.

      I bought a cheap carburator electric fuel pump, and more filters. I used the rubber fuel hose in the tank to go all around and suck up everything I could into the filters.

      See the inside of the tank. it's pretty bad in this car:

      You may recall that I did the transfer pump in Becky's car recently - look at her car's tank. CLEAN: http://www.timbox.net/Link/2012/03-2...p_fueltank.jpg

      I ruined several fuel filters. Finally I let the pump run for about 5 hours, filtering and filtering the tank over and over again.

    7. 05-01-2012 12:16 AM #8

    8. Member Rannoch's Avatar
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      Mar 19th, 2008
      Corvallis, OR
      1983 Wolfsburg Scirocco [Luna], '70 GMC Pickup, '76 Mustang Cobra II, '92 SVX, '95 Millenia
      05-01-2012 02:10 AM #9
      Where did you get the pump? (link/price?)

      I can always use cheap pumps.

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