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    Thread: LF: MKV aftermarket rear shocks

    1. Member
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      Sep 15th, 2011
      04-29-2012 02:08 PM #1
      As the title says, I am looking for a set of mkv rear aftermarket shocks.

      FKs, koni, bilstein,airlift ect..

      PM me if you have a set to sell

    2. 06-15-2012 11:35 AM #2
      Buyer's beware, NEVER deal with this guy because he tried to scam me out of FK streetlines and he scammed a fellow member of golfmkv (WTFCircus) out of his BBS Aero II wheels on the promise to trade for this guy's RPF1's which never came in the mail.

      Link's to threads where he tried to scam both myself on golfmkv as well as wtfcircus on golfmkv. we are both respectable members on there, and this guy is scum of the earth.

      I recently found his montrealracing account which is a local car forum hes on. I've made it my mission to call him out on every single one of his threads and I will not stop until he returns those wheels to WTFCircus.

      This guy is known as LowRabbit on golfmkv. blackVR6 on montrealracing.com as well. I recently came across this account by someone on montrearacing who dealt with this guy before as well


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