RSVP here (not mandatory): Friday Wuste Kick-Off Friday Night Roof Top GTG (Open To All Makes)

*** RULES (Read them, a violation will get you removed without hesitation): List of NO's: No burnouts, no speeding, no revving, no "bumping music", no saving spots, no drunk driving, no drug use. They are all pretty logical rules and there will be a NO TOLERANCE policy in place.

Start the weekend off right with a chance to mingle with everyone as they've finished their voyage to Las Vegas, settled in, and are ready to kick-off the Wuste European Car Festival weekend!

The GTG is open to all enthusiasts so bring out your euro, domestic, import, classic, muscle, drift, exotic, VIP, motorcycle or any other type of vehicle so feel free to invite your friends...

We'll have a beer-only bar located on the top floor of the parking structure. We'll also have a shuttle running to The Strip starting at 10pm. Feel free to leave your car in the lot overnight (but please make sure to lock/secure it). DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.