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    Thread: Fs: 92 Jetta 5spd, ABA swap w/diesel trans, lots of goodies in Sepa

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      Apr 13th, 2011
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      05-01-2012 08:16 PM #1
      I have been building this car slowly over the past two years, the car has approx 150k miles on the body, the motor and overall build of the car is around 3-4k miles. Tons of new parts have been used and lots of money has been invested in it, it is not perfect however and will be priced accordingly.
      First here are the details of the build and new parts:
      2.0 OBD1 long block ( forged rods, oil squirters, dual valve springs)
      Full OBD2 wiring ( harness, ecu, throttle body, intake manifold)
      268 TT camshaft w adjustable camshaft gear
      TT camshaft specific chip
      Aluminum flywheel lightweight, and new clutch w 16v pressure plate
      New headgasket, rear main seal, all new valves, valve seals, etc.
      New oil cooler
      New heatercore
      New 22mm master cylinder
      New poly motor mounts
      New coolant hoses
      Brand new Bosch starter
      Fresh plugs, wires and cap & rotor
      Pass at ABA intake manifold
      Koni STRT suspension with H&R race springs
      New rotors and PBR pads up front
      New brake cables
      Brand new Sumitomo tires on Rabbit GTi snowflakes ( tires have less than 1,000 miles on them)

      I also replaced the dash with an uncracked silver stripe dash, replaced the door cards and thoroughly cleaned the factory carpet, when the carpet was out I used rubber undercoat on the floor pans for sound dampening.

      To sum it up, the car is in good condition, the body is straight, I replaced the hood and both fenders, it would be better with a paint job but the meat and potatoes work is
      there. The car has a small stumble occasionally, it will be idling and then shutoff and unable to turn back on, I have personally diagnosed this as either a bad throttle body ( TPS and ISV) . I have replaced and went over about everything else so i can't see what else it could be. I have been busy with work and since got another car that I want to turn my attention to, a week or so worth of time and a few bucks you could be sitting in a sweet Jetta, the car has alot of potential. It is inspected til September 2012 and should pass again with no issue. The price will be $2,000 firm, don't come pitch me some lowball offer or insult my car if its not your thing, if I can't sell it for this price I'll part it out and make more, I would just prefer to see someone appreciate the complete car. I will post pics within the week.
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      Apr 13th, 2011
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      05-07-2012 10:18 PM #2

      $2,000 cash, or I will be parting her out

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      Apr 13th, 2011
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      05-07-2012 10:26 PM #3
      The car will include a stereo, an Alpine CD / mp3 player and 4 x pioneer 6.5"s mounted in a sealed box attached to the rear deck

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