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    Thread: Milltek Cat Bypass pipes (TTRS)

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      Jun 23rd, 2011
      2007 GTi /2012 TTRS
      05-02-2012 01:18 AM #1
      Hi all,

      Really been happy with my APR products so far on my GTI. All their stuff works seamlessly and I cant recommend them enough. Alas, I went a bit over my budget ordering the TTRS and I started thinking about small mods to do gradually myself rather than going all in for an APR Stage 2.

      What sealed this for me was the new memo going out in North America about Audi attempting to blanket void peoples warranties if mods are found. You never know out of the box if your new car will be a lemon or have some teething issues, best not to give them any excuse to deny claims....

      This lead me to looking at the Milltek Cat Bypass pipes since its a very easy bolt on and buying the muffler section of the OEM Sport Exhaust. Since the O2 sensor is on the primary cats, there should be no issues....( or a quick swap back stock before heading into the stealership )

      I was hoping to hear from any/ all of you who have gone this route. Specifically the difference in sound and feel from stock to cat bypass.

      I really love the Sport Exhaust sound and I have yet to hear an aftermarket one that sounded better. Disclaimer being I've only ever compared HD videos.

      I know MitchyRS has been running crazy numbers with just a racing filter in the stock airbox, bypass pipes and chipping.

      I thinking a HPA motor mount might also help the shifter issues and the Six Sigma shifter should be available soon.

      I think I may have a muffler lined up so it will be a straight swap out of my stock OEM muffler instead of $1500 if Audi had their way
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      2007 GTi Black Magic, APR Stage 2+
      2012 TTRS Sepang Blue on Titanium Blades.....

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