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    Thread: Horn honking on its own?!?

    1. Junior Member
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      Mar 3rd, 2012
      Denver, Colorado
      90 Fox
      05-03-2012 07:40 AM #1
      Ok so I haven't been driving my fox lately til a friend can check into the coil and ignition system (I have another thread about the fox dying) but I was just about to fall asleep and I hear a horn honking outside repeatedly. I of course look outside to see who the hell is honking their horn at 5 in the morning and it sounded like the horn on my fox lol. Is it possible for it to just start honking on its own? I thought the ignition needed to be on for the horn to work? I ran down stairs and outside and stood there and it of course wasn't acting up...I have never had an issue (that I know of lol) any input? Should I just disconnect the horn?

    2. Member reddfoxx's Avatar
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      Sep 18th, 2005
      CMH OH
      '87 VW Fox wagon turbo, 2014 Cruze
      05-03-2012 11:38 AM #2
      I had this problem years ago. Ended up getting a new horn. It was cheap, and cured the problem. Disconnect in the meantime. But, even if you don't use it often, a horn is sure nice once in a while...
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    3. Member
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      Feb 6th, 2004
      1988 Fox Wagon #2, 2004 DBP R32, 2012 Golf R Rising Blue
      05-03-2012 11:58 AM #3
      check the connections under the steering wheel cover. I had the same issue and the leads were not connected all the way

    4. Member QuantumSyncro's Avatar
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      Apr 28th, 2000
      Des Moines, IA
      97 Jetta TDI, 1990 Passat TDI wagon, 92 300SD turbo
      05-03-2012 02:07 PM #4
      It's possessed....get a priest.

    5. Member j-boogie253's Avatar
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      Nov 30th, 2009
      Tacoma, WA
      90 Fox, 88 GLI, 91 Jetta (RIP), 98 A4 (RIP)
      05-03-2012 02:59 PM #5
      The horn should never work without the ignition being on. The problem with horns going off on their own is usually a messed up horn button on the steering wheel. I went through 3 different Fox steering wheels before I just used an Audi wheel with a way better horn button.

      The Fox's horn button has foam in the middle that squishes when you push on the horn allowing the metal inside to touch and activate the horn. That foam deteriorates and the metal ends up in constant contact and sounds the horn all the time. It would do that to me when I would get in and turn the key.....that would scare the crap out of me in the morning when I go to turn on the car and the horn starts blaring

      That said...maybe it wasn't your car that night. Maybe it was someone's alarm on their car
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    6. Member vwturbofox's Avatar
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      Jul 31st, 2010
      1989 vw fox gl turbo, Holset hx35w on meth:)new project 1968 bug and o 86 gti
      05-03-2012 03:23 PM #6
      sometimes if your key gets jamed between the wheel and the colum it honks. i was driving one time and i hit a bumb and one of my keys got jamed in there and freaked me out but in you case i don't think thats the problem.
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    7. Member
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      Oct 1st, 2007
      Ontario, Canada
      '90 VW Fox Turbo, '93 Grand Cherokee V8
      05-04-2012 12:24 PM #7
      The horn could work without the ignition on

      If you turn on your headlights, then flash your high beams twice holding the high beams on the second time, the horn and anything else that depends on the ignition being on, will work. Comes in handy for those who have power windows and need to roll them up and the key is not around.

      Maybe your Fox did all that by itself

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