The ODO currently sits at 178000 miles. The paint has some sore spots, but the front and rear bumpers and lips are only about a year old (the paint was cracking on both so they were both redone. The interior is nice the heated leather seats both work and have no rips or tears. A/C has been deleted when engine was rebuilt. Has Monsoon stereo with 6 disc changer.

The current engine has an AEB head (the wideport one) it has the nice wide inlet ports but it has no port for secondary air injection. so this car will throw a CEL unless you get some software flashed on the ecu that doesn't look for SAI. So keep this in mind if you live in an area that does emission testing. I just register my car in a county that doesn't and all is well.

Car has no known mechanical problems. Starts, runs, drives and stops excellent!

Timing belt, water pump, tensioner, and thermostat were all replaced about 2000 miles ago. The seals in all the AC lines were all replaced recently but the compressor is dead. It is currently out of the car. You will need a new compressor to get the AC to run. The power steering rack was replaced about 1000 miles ago (seals were shot on the old one). The hinge on the armrest is broken as well, but this seems to be the case on most mk4s.

Bike rack is included.

There aren't many mods but I will list off what I can remember.

Eibach springs (with new struts front and back as of last fall) car will also come with stock springs and stuff.
Samco turbo inlet pipe
Forge DV (recently lubed)
Ko3s (original ko3 had dead seals after 100k miles)
battery is in the trunk
headlights are Helix projectors. I have an HID setup for them but one of the bulbs is dead so they just have halogens in them right now. New hid bulbs can be purchased for about 40 bucks.
4 Clean AUDI Fat Five wheels with matching low mile tires + a matching Fat Five spare (5 wheels)!
Also includes a spare driver side axle and a box full of parts!

The software on the ECU is unknown. it was on there when I purchased the car. I suspect that is it upsolute, boost tops out at about 14-15psi

May consider cash/trade offers?

Cars of interest are AUDI TT, VW Corrado, Scirocco, Impreza RS Coupe, WRX, EVO, RX-7, older muscle cars or?????