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    Thread: Help Needed: In the market for a B7

    1. 05-04-2012 07:47 PM #1
      Hello guys,

      I recently got rid of my B5 a4 it was time to let her go. Had 158,000 miles and was just heading down that road.

      However I am now in the market for a 2005.5 or newer B7. I just have a few questions.

      My price range is about anything up to 12,000 so the mileage is kind of up there.

      Should I be cautious buying a 2006 with 100,000 miles? What should I look for to make sure it lasts me a solid 3 or 4 years? Are these reliable with over 100,000 miles? My B5 got quite expensive to fix thats why I am asking to avoid a headache

      Thanks in advance.

    2. Member 20VTURBOSpoolMeUp!'s Avatar
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      Jan 8th, 2004
      Portland, OR
      2005.5 A4 2.0T Quattro Manual
      05-05-2012 12:43 PM #2
      Take it to a reputable Audi friendly shop and have them do a pre purchase inspection. Once you find one that suits your fancy anyway. That's about the most assurance you will get out of a used car. They should have an idea of what to look for if they know their Audi's.

      I just bought a 2005.5 with 61,000 miles on it. Took awhile to find..but they are out there..

    3. Junior Member ADeFalco815's Avatar
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      Aug 4th, 2011
      2006 vw gti mk5
      07-03-2012 09:27 AM #3
      im going to a deal today to trade in my 06 gti with 66k for a 06 3.2 a4 with 58k on it. i'm only going to have to spend and extra $1-2,000

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