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    Thread: Driveway power swing gate operator motor reccommendation

    1. 05-05-2012 01:55 PM #1
      I have a 10' iron driveway swing gate that is currently manual. I would like to install a power gate. My gate is new, and has ball bearing hinges and requires little resistance to open/close. I can push it with my pinky. It is about 200 lbs.

      I want a power swing gate operator, but do not have the room behind/beside the gate for the type that has a tower and motor with arm. I need the type that has the motor built into the arm. I have researched several options online and am even more confused as there are good and bad reviews on them all. I will be installing it myself, and have a pretty good mechanical inclination. Power won't be a problem; there is a source nearby.

      My price range is up to $800. I have a few criteria that I would like.

      -Soft open & close
      -Ability to add sensors (input/output) later
      -Keyed manual release
      -Battery operated/backup
      -Reliable (obviously)

      I really am looking for first-hand experience, weather it is what worked for you, or what has not. Even better is someone in the trade that can give me advice.

      Thank you in advance!!!


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      05-06-2012 08:46 PM #2
      Apparently not many gate owners here. Maybe you should try the Garage Journal forum.

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