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    Thread: FS: 2002 Eurovan MV Westfalia Weekender

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    1. 05-05-2012 08:15 PM #1
      *** SOLD ***

      2002 Volkwagen Eurovan MV Westfalia Weekender

      See my craiglist ad for full set of pictures at: http://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/cto/2998436469.html

      Excellent condition in Techno Blue Pearl with grey velour interior. Many accessories and modifications -- read on.

      Only 83,300 super well maintained miles. Everything works. Would not hesitate to drive anywhere and any distance. If you want to fly in, I'd be happy to pick you up at the Detroit airport and you can camp your way home.

      We are the original owners of "Big Blue". Purchased in November 2001. It was a daily driver for about 3 years then became our vacation machine. It's been parked in the winter since that time. It has always been my baby and it's provided great times camping with the family, but it's time to pass it on.

      2001-2003 Weekenders were all optioned pretty alike. The only option is heated seats, and of course the Weekender poptop package that includes the 12V cooler (that we've actually never used), screened windows, and sliding curtains.

      Nothing like 201 horsepower and air conditioning to make short order of the road portion of your camping trip!


      - No rips, stains or tears. Excellent condition.
      - Everything that came with it is here: curtains, cooler, parcel tray, upper bunk net, rear hatch screen, front window curtain.
      - Air conditioning blows cold!


      - No rust (less some a couple stone chips that are a bit orange).
      - Small section of scraped paint on the passenger side door.
      - Some door dings.
      - The van was used for what it was intended for, so it's not a garage queen, but it IS extremely nice.

      Updates and Modifications:

      - Kenwood 6 disk CD changer mounted under the passenger seat with Soundgate adaptor so it works with stock radio controls
      - Clear front turn signals (real Valeo, not cheap reproductions)
      - European VW OEM heavy duty grey rubber floor mats up front
      - 2" receiver trailer hitch by Da'lan (which is now Curt) and 5 pin wiring
      - Black texture-ized vinyl rear bumper cover
      - Airsept EED5 electronic blower module that turns on the HVAC blower several times after you turn the car off. This eliminates musty A/C odor
      - Battery disconnect switch (mainly to stop the Airsept module above when you're sleeping in the van)
      - Automatic transmission dipstick (did not come stock?)
      - "Euroswitch" headlight switch that has positions for parking lamps only (nice for pulling into campgrounds at night) and a rear fog lamp.
      - Left rear fog lamp
      - Right rear white "task" light in the fog light position
      - 110V outlet in place of the rear ash tray. The plug comes out behind the left rear fog lamp.
      - Yakima "Widebody" rain gutter mounts for a roof rack
      - Hatchlock extension (allows rear hatch to be open a few inches but locked)
      - Textured plastic interior door handles (the stock rubber coated ones soiled easily and peeled)
      - "Low budget" lowering (removed the thick rear spring pads and turned down the front torsion bars)

      Maintenance Highlights:

      - Steady diet of Mobil 1 0W40
      - Automatic Transmission filter and fluid changes every 20,000 miles. Last time was at 80k miles.
      - Headlight bulbs (Philips X-treme Power +80) and foglight bulbs (Hella XY) (spring 2012)
      - left & right tie rods due to cracked rubber boots (spring 2012)
      - New spark plugs (summer 2011)
      - New Michelen MXV4+ 225/60R16 102H tires. These were actually bought new in 2003 when VW dealers were selling them cheap. I bought 2 sets. This is the last set. They were stored in sealed black garbage bags. (No curb rash on the wheels either!)
      - Radiator cooling fans replaced (a relatively common Eurovan issue) (summer 2010)
      - Coolant Flush with VW coolant (fall 2008)
      - VW brand battery (these things last forever!) (spring 2008)
      - A/C compressor (another relatively common Eurovan issue) (summer 2007)
      - Brakes: Cross-drilled Zimmerman front rotors, Ate rear rotors, EBC Greenstuff pads, Ate Superblue brake fluid (summer 2007)
      - OEM VW Exhaust (replaced under warranty and hasn't seen a winter) (summer 2006)
      - New coolant sensor (another common VW issue) (spring 2005)
      - New ignition coils (2003 recall)

      Accessories NOT included but buyer gets first dibs (I will not sell separately until the new owner of the van has his/her dibs):

      - Reimo Nizza 3 Add-a-room side tent. Heavy duty tent includes a rug floor and a custom canvas panel that we clip to the pinch weld beneath the sliding door. $250
      - Paulchen 4 place bike rack for the rear hatch. Exceedingly rare in the US, but I sought one out so I could use a Stow-away cargo box at the same time. $250
      - Ross Tech VCDS (VAG-COM) code scanner. Plugs into the USB port on your laptop PC to read OBD trouble codes. $250
      - Pair (2) seat back storage pockets. Heavy duty Brandrup. Made in Germany. $75 each.
      Last edited by J_Westy2; 05-10-2012 at 09:30 PM.
      Formerly J_Westy (before I lost my password)
      Current Ride: 2016 Ford Grand Tourneo Connect TDCi
      Past Rides: 2002 EVWK, '87 Syncro Weekender, '86 Syncro Van, '91 Westy, '91 Cabriolet, '63 Double Cab, '85 Scirocco, '70 Bug, '73 914

    2. Member RoadRunner_51's Avatar
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      Sep 24th, 2001
      West Norriton
      2006 GTI MKV, 1993 Eurovan GL (gone for $100). 1987 Porsche 928S4, 2011 Jeep Grand Cheroke
      05-06-2012 03:29 PM #2
      Really nice Eurovan! Too rich form my blood but good luck.
      Grow a beard...trust me.

    3. n00b jescotdo's Avatar
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      Jan 29th, 2010
      2016 R DSG DAP
      05-09-2012 11:03 PM #3
      just what Im looking for. I wish you were closer. Im in Va. Good luck. Any good forums for these or just this one?

    4. 05-10-2012 05:13 PM #4
      Fly in and drive it home

      You can check thesamba.com too
      Formerly J_Westy (before I lost my password)
      Current Ride: 2016 Ford Grand Tourneo Connect TDCi
      Past Rides: 2002 EVWK, '87 Syncro Weekender, '86 Syncro Van, '91 Westy, '91 Cabriolet, '63 Double Cab, '85 Scirocco, '70 Bug, '73 914

    5. 05-10-2012 09:31 PM #5
      Sold to a nice couple from WA
      Formerly J_Westy (before I lost my password)
      Current Ride: 2016 Ford Grand Tourneo Connect TDCi
      Past Rides: 2002 EVWK, '87 Syncro Weekender, '86 Syncro Van, '91 Westy, '91 Cabriolet, '63 Double Cab, '85 Scirocco, '70 Bug, '73 914

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