been working on a buddies car at my shop. 2004 golf 2.0, donor for the swap was a 2001 jetta 12v.

full engine harness was swapped (smaller ecu plug), as well as the harness that plugs into the top of the fusebox (larger ecu plug). car is a VRT, the ecu has an immobilizer defeat installed so that is not the issue.

cranks, wont fire. fuel pump primes, works fine, pressure at the rail is good. checked the coil pack harness, it has power (test light on pin 1 and 5 while key on) but has no signal while cranking (test light on 2 and 5, 3 and 5, 4 and 5). checked resistance on crank position sensor, ~800 ohms between pin 2-3. tested the resistance on the original 2.0 crank position sensor and that shows ~800 ohms between pins 2-3 as well (tested as a reference). only trouble code i was able to pull from the car was open circuit for the rear o2 (not installed). the fuel pump running and me being able to scan the car makes me feel like the ecu is powering up, but i am for a loss as to why it will not fire. any info would be appreciated, we put 12 hours into it today and killed 3 phone batteries searching the web for info