Up for sale is a 1995 VW Golf III Sport

The car has 164,800 miles on it. Mileage will be going up as the car is my current daily.

1995 VW Golf III Sport
2.0L 5speed

This year alone, I have around $900 in replaced parts, upkeep, etc.

Parts replaced:
March 2012
Transmission from a 1997 VW Jetta (~42k miles since rebuilt)

February 2012
Wheel Bearings front and Back

January 2012
Head Gasket
Valve Cover Gasket
Intake Manifold Gaskets

July 2011
New Radiator

May 2011
New Heater Core Hoses
New Crack Pipe

May 2010
New Sachs Clutch Kit
Resurfaced 2.0L Flywheel
Rear Main Seal done
Oil Pan Gasket

July 2009
New Struts and Bushings in Rear

May 2009
New Oil Pan
New Oil Pan Gasket

I purchased this car in March 2009 from West Virginia. The car had 128k on it. I use this car as my daily. (~80 miles traveled daily)

Car has only ever left me stranded once (when the head gasket went in January).

I take care of my cars. Oil has been changed every 3000 miles with Mobil1 High Mileage Full Synthetic 5w-30. I flush the Coolant system every 6 months.

PO's Sale Thread: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea...995-Golf-Sport

The car runs strong. Pulls hard and has some zip for a 2.slo. Doesn't burn oil, well maintained mechanically.

I average about 33mpg on the highway, 29mpg city (I work in State College, PA).

This car is not a beauty queen. This is a great Daily, or could be used for a project car.

There is a good bit of dings and dents. PO slid into a guard rail on the Driver's Side. I got the car stuck under a hay wagon (with the original Transmission that reverse went out).

Other than that, the car is sound. Typical MK3 rust on the hatch (around the window and latch). Frame, body, strut towers are rust free. There is some surface rust on the fenders. The Frame is notched on the Passenger side. So, someone looking for a project car, you're not going to need to worry about that to drop this car LOW.

Not sure what else to say about the car. She's been good to me, I've taken care of her as best as I could.

Reason for selling is that I've found a car that I want. I love this car and would have no problem keeping her. But, I've owned the car for three years now, looking for something new to get into.

I don't have to sell this car, but I'm looking to do a quick sale. I'm looking to get ~$1800 for the car. With the work that went into the car and the used transmission, no one should be worried to take this car anywhere.

Car will need a few things, namely new tires (at least 2) and an alignment.

I have 4 extra rims that will go with the car, they are the same rims on the car now.

If you have any questions, feel free to txt or call me. (814) 599-8228

The car is located in Huntingdon, PA. Zip code is 16652.

Thank you for your interest!

On to the pictures:

Thanks for looking!