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    Thread: HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!! me on this build plz i wanna turbo my vr6 24v help me get started

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      Jan 30th, 2012
      san antonio/texas
      2003/vw/mk4 golf gti 24v 2.8l
      05-06-2012 05:15 PM #1
      okay so i got a vr6 24v mk4 and the guy i bought it from treated it like sh*t seriously so the motor went out rod knock and a lifter noise month after i bought it im curently throwing evreything it it f*cking new and getting the block cut to 40 the valves cut to 3 angle considering maybe 5 but the point is since the engines already hanging out where do i get the stuff to boost this car wat do i need i wanta single turbo and i want to run a precision 6262 tubro software hardware wat do i neeed were can i get anything helps will be updating this tread with pictures as i start the build and continue it i have some i need to put up thank you
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