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    Thread: 2012 Tiguan Belly Pan Removal (and oil drain plug)

    1. n00b mmdct's Avatar
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      Mar 10th, 2010
      2010 GTI, 2012 Tiguan
      05-06-2012 09:52 PM #1

      I ramped my 2102 Tiguan to remove the belly pan and change the oil. After removing the 10 or so Torx screws the pan lowered but would not remove. There were another 4 or so Torx screws attaching the pan to a front section where the fingers insert. I could not access the screws to remove the pan... not enough room to use a screw driver.

      Anyone remove their 2012 Tiguan belly pan?

      Also, the oil drain plug looks like a hex key bolt. I asked my dealer and he said that was for the transmission but it appears to be on the oil pan.

      Is the 2012 Tiguan oil drain plug a hex key bolt? (or am I looking in the wrong place?)

      Any suggestions or pictures would be really helpful.

      Thank you in advance.

    2. n00b mmdct's Avatar
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      Mar 10th, 2010
      2010 GTI, 2012 Tiguan
      05-06-2012 09:55 PM #2
      Ooops... that's 2012, not 2102. The present, not the future.

    3. Member
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      Jul 27th, 2007
      Ottawa, Canada
      07 Rabbit, 10 Tiguan, 1928 Chev
      05-06-2012 10:07 PM #3
      I can't comment on the belly pan as i have a 2010 and there is only one screw at the front, dead center. As to the oil drain plug, VW seems to switch back and forth between a hex bolt and the hex key type without rhyme or reason.

    4. 05-06-2012 11:13 PM #4
      Mine's an 18mm, I JUST got done pulling it.

    5. 11-23-2012 09:23 AM #5
      Here is the scoop:

      It has 2 plastic covers; a small clip-on kind of a cover at the front [silver; part #: 5N0.807.532.B] and a large one [black; part#: 5N0 825 235 C] covering the whole engine compartment.

      Tools needed: Torx bit socket (T25) & torx bit socket (T45) [aka Star bit]

      Start at the front

      A. Small silver cover [part #: 5N0.807.532.B] under and close to the front bumper.
      1. Unscrew the 3 torx screws (T25) at the rear of this cover
      2. Pry off with your fingers the sides and slide/pull forward to remove. (that exposes 4+1 torx screws at the front of the large black cover; see B.3.)

      B. Large black cover [part #: 5N0 825 235 C] under the engine compartment.
      3. Ignore the first 4 visible torx screws and unscrew the 5th torx screw right behind those other 4 (T25).
      4. Unscrew the 6 torx screws (T25) on the sides of the black cover (3 on the left side and 3 on the right side).
      5. Unscrew the 2 larger torx bolts (T45) at the rear of the cover and let it drop.
      6. Go to the front again, free the two tabs/flaps that keep it in place and push cover back and remove.

      - Follow reverse steps to install. Insert front tabs/flaps in place, screw 2 larger torx bolts first, then the 11 smaller torx screws, slide the smaller silver cover in place until it clips on, and finally screw the last 3 small torx screws.

      *OIL DRAIN PLUG * [Oil Pan Part #: 06J 103 600 AA]

      Tools needed: Hex/Allen bit socket (6mm, H6), or Wrench (19mm); or Torx bit socket (T45)

      2012s came with a hex socket cap bolt (6mm) from the factory.

      From 11/22/11, a hex 6mm socket cap bolt is supposed to be used. [Part#: N-911-679-01; $2.80] (Bolt w/Floating Washer; Thread Size; M14-1.50; Under-Head Length: 12mm)
      * it looks like VW now also uses a T45 torx plug, that I was provided by the dealer thinking that I was ordering a 6mm socket cap bolt. The same size and length plug, different bit. [Part#: N-911-679-01; $2.80 + $$ for washer] (Bolt w/out Washer; Thread Size; M14-1.50; Under-Head Length: 12mm)
      ** make sure you use the correct bit; either a Hex/Allen bit socket (6mm, H6), or a Torx bit socket (T45), or something just in case that things change again ...

      Up to 11/21/11, a regular hex 19mm head bolt has been used. [Part#: N-908-132-02; $3.00] (Pilot Point w/Floating Washer; Thread Size; M14-1.50; Under-Head Length: 22mm)

      It looks like VW dealers use either. One dealer said that they are the exact same plugs, but they are not. They are the same thread, but the hex socket bolt is half the length of the hex head bolt.
      The hex 19mm head bolt is easier to handle.
      [hex=hexagonal=6 sides/angles]

      *OIL FILTER*

      Remove the hose that rests on top of the oil filter from the clip that keeps it in place. That gives you a little more room to handle the filter. Do not worry about any spills or anything. The filter is pretty empty. Just be careful.


      Unfortunately, the way the cap is put together allows for dirt to collect around it. Blow the dirt before you open it so that the dirt doesn’t fall inside the engine. I vacuum mine while brushing with a toothbrush.

      - 2012 Tiguan User's Manual shows 5.8 qts for Engine Oil Capacity (pg. 275), but it is actually 4.9 qts.
      - Also, the Oil Dipstick is different than the one shown on pg 275.
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