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    Thread: Intermittent misfire need help, please?

    1. 05-06-2012 10:40 PM #1
      2000 GTI VR6 2.8L 12 valve. I've replaced the plugs, wires, coil pack, timing chains, tensioners, rails, manifold gaskets, ALL vacuum lines, fuel psi regulator, O2 sensors, catalytic converter(magnaflow), MAF is about 2yrs old, and I've ran seafoam at high concentration in the tanks and via vacuum line in the intake multiple times. It's throwing misfire codes for cyl3&5 intermittently. The light will go out after awhile and then come back on for a while. All I can figure is a weak fuel pump or a clogging fuel rail as 3&5 are on the same bank. Compression checks out ok. It's not a dead miss either, big change when disconnecting wire by wire. Anyone have a fuel psi spec at the shrader valve? Why else could this be? Help please!?

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      05-07-2012 01:13 AM #2
      I would guess... And its just a guess, that it's fuel pressure related. You could remove the fuel rail & inspect it. If its clear, and after all the work you've done I'd suspect a bad fuel pump or fuel filter. If you don't mind spending the money I'd just replace them both.

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