VWVortex.com - MKVI Golf R Haldex fluid screw up
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    Thread: MKVI Golf R Haldex fluid screw up

    1. 05-23-2012 01:46 AM #26
      Makes sense to me.

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      05-23-2012 05:42 PM #27
      Quote Originally Posted by sicgolfrowner View Post
      Have you ever considered that a car company wants to make lots of cash and sometimes skimps on the R&D and the fact that they have a warranty is to cover their shoddy workmanship? Just another angle to think from. I'm pretty sure the guys at royal purple have done their fare share of R&D, independent testing ect. Race teams don't look to VW to engineer fluids brohan, they look to companies like lucas oil and royal purple. Knowledgecate yourself
      Why the hell did you buy a car that lacks in R&D and has shoddy workmanship. You think Royal Burple is gonna fix that?

      Keep drinking the kool-aid bud.

      And I do have enough "space time" whatever that is, because you seem to have messed up and are trying to cover it up.

      Quote Originally Posted by Fritz27 View Post
      I read this in Samuel L. Jackson's voice to make it more interesting. That's all I got.
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    3. 05-24-2012 03:15 PM #28
      My Boy Jesse Made this same mistake, he got caught up in the hype companies like royal purple and Lucas make on the race scene... Things like putting RP in a Haldex was all about that next sponsorship or Race, but in reality it was just another sticker on his side skirt.

      All that's behind him now anyway... He couldn't hang when the Haldex failed and his car lost the race. The other guy knew about OE specs and proper lubrication.
      It's really a shame too, Jesse was like a mad scientist, could've gone to MIT

      Good luck OP
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    4. 05-26-2012 12:41 PM #29
      There you go.

      Tweeking your fluids has a place, but inside a Haldex is not it.

      I'll take it on the chin for:

      Dino oil in non-turbos

      ATF as PSF

      Maxlife ATF in Tiptronic

      DOT 3 over DOT 4

      Dexcool = G-12

      Thin MTF

      Thin motor oil

      Cheap filters

      INfrequent air filter changes

      etc, etc...

      But not substitute Haldex fluids

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