I don't know if anyone else has had this issue, I couldn't find any posts concerning this, I haven't been running my bbs rc center caps on my GLI for about a year now, my old center caps broke and I'm only getting back around to it now. I tried to install the center caps and after about a thread and a half of engagement and the center cap stops. I can force it further but the plastic starts to deform. I have gone and cleaned the threads using a tap with a 2mm pitch, as I don't want to spend the $200+ for a M58 x 2 tap to retap the wheels, and it didn't do anything. I have also checked the thread on my center caps, and all of the theads are in good condition, so my only conclusion is possible something is screwed up in the center bore of 3 of my wheels. The only wheel that works, all 4 of my caps can be screwed in without any issue. Has anybody heard or had this happen to them before? If so, how did you fix it?