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    Thread: 03 Jetta wagon TDI

    1. 05-07-2012 10:52 AM #1
      Hello all,

      I’m looking into purchasing a 03 TDi Jetta wagon that’s for sale near my home. I remember the TDI was not available in NY from certain years. The car is in PA that I’m looking to buy; will there be any issues if I buy this car and register in NY? Was not sure if there were any restrictions.



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      05-07-2012 12:26 PM #2
      Not available in NY? Seems odd it would be just one state. Maybe you are thinking of the later years ('06-'09) when the TDI wasn't offered at all?
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    3. 05-09-2012 08:53 AM #3
      i did some more research on the NYS web site and 2003 TDI is ok, 04 was not offered new in NYS so you can register as long as it's over 7500 miles.

      Will be picking my 03 TDI Jetta wagon 5spd tonight!

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