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    Thread: 93 slc Norcal 6k

    1. 05-07-2012 12:04 PM #1

      Teach you guys about stance

      Link has alot of pics mostly close up No cool rolls just pics of the condition of the car

      Well I figured I'd update this old ad
      Not much has changed NO parts removed. Price is 5k. I have a few other project that I would like to re purpose the funds towards.

      Its a 93 a satin silver (body 7/10 Its got rock chip and a few small dings it needs a paint job)
      black leather Again a 7/10 ( NO RIPS or BURNS rear seat has stitching pull, dash bezel has crack

      In case I wasnt clear I have owned the car about YR all the parts listed have been installed since I got it. All the parts I used are New unless I posted info about it other wise.

      The car Run great/drives great/ stops great. There is NO voltage drains and everything works!!! The car sits weeks between drives Always starts!

      Schimmel 3L built for boost but has mk4 head gasket so currently it's high compression (70ishK) forged pistons, Arp bolts on everything thing
      trans has peloquin Diff ( just went threw trans,bearings,sync's put stock R&P in )
      clutch less than 200 miles
      TT chip for 3L
      Nuespeed intake
      chains and guides (less than a K just did them)
      lightened flywheel (was resurfaced when we replaced the faulty clutch disc)
      header (stock mans included)
      stock cat (gutted)
      Exhaust is run out the back now
      Heater core
      H&r utralow coilover 70k
      Alternator (was rebuilt )
      crack pipe/thermosat
      control arm bushing (there poly)
      drill brake, New SS lines
      complete tie rods
      Ecode head lights (NO cracks or broken tabs)
      spoonfed 70mm lip
      New turn signals
      fog light lens
      Spoiler speed changed (so yes spoiler works)
      Stock sunroof works
      Abs delete
      silicone hoses
      oil cool and filter O rings
      Secondary water pump deleted
      New distributor plus cap rotor plugs plug wires
      delete ISV Comes with car
      Deleted ERG comes with car

      I know there is More I have a Few spare parts that will come with it
      ON to the bad The car needs a paint job its almost 20yrs old and a few dings, paint is faded off the rear bumper,(bumper has been resprayed its a 9/10) the the corner of the hood (by the windshield) are ugly. the center dash bezel has a crack in the corner.
      OK I did FIND ONE thing not working the the lights for the center console need to be replaced

      As for price I'm looking for 5k
      I had offer to keep the E codes and the 70m lip to help reduce the price I figure they are worth bout 500 together. I WILL NOT SELL THEM B4 CAR SELLS

      Let's see some offers. Willing to take 5x112 mk5 fitment wheels. No reps 18s or 19s Also take ko4 kit for fsi car. 4x100 wheels multi pc 15 or 16s. Will consider a 2 post car lift as part trade.
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    4. Member ZumiezRacer's Avatar
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      Jan 24th, 2009
      92 Corrado SLC
      05-14-2012 05:55 PM #4
      Interested, should be getting some money soon... I'll hit ya up when I get It

    5. 05-15-2012 01:18 AM #5

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      Still for sale

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      Up date
      Looks like the car had a defective clutch disc. Last week we pulled her apart, the springs had came out of the disc. So there is a New clutch, had lightened fly wheel resurfaced and pulled the trans apart. changed to the stock R/P and did bearings. I can confirm that ther Diff is a Peloquin.

      So shes back up for sale same price (even after the extra work and parts)

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    13. 07-09-2012 12:07 AM #13
      Spent the day driving the old girl, I'll be a little sad to see her go

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      Updated trade info at bottom of post price is very much obo at this point

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    23. Member ajhvw93's Avatar
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      Oct 26th, 2009
      80 Rabbit Diesel....87 16V Scirocco...87 8v Gti..93 vr6 Corrado
      10-25-2012 11:53 AM #23
      If I wanted another C. I would jump on it.... 3L much maint doneGLWS/GLWT

    24. 10-29-2012 04:00 PM #24
      Thanx. Yeah surprised I still have. I think it shows how hard times are I've seen some nice cars for some low prices

    25. 11-03-2012 02:16 AM #25
      Your inbox is full. I'd like to set up a time to come see it.

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