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    Thread: mk1 cabriolet digifant timing

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      Jul 4th, 2008
      2003 A4 1.8t / 1992 Digi2 Cabriolet
      05-07-2012 12:56 PM #1
      I'm trying to adjust the timing on my car and I need a little help.

      To clarify, the car was running OK before I started messing with it, but definitely could use some tuning.

      Begining from scratch I removed the distributor and had the t-belt off the cam. I'm 99.9% sure the intermediate drive shaft timing got messed up. The car starts but makes a loud intermittent ticking/lifter noise at certain rpms. It also has sputtering go-cart-like exhaust tone and smells like unburned fuel.

      1. With the bell housing TDC mark and the cam/timing cover O/T marks lined up, what position should the ignition rotor be? Lining it up with the mark on the distributor makes no sense because I know the distributor is not in the right position.

      I'm guessing you're probably going to say that I need to line up the intermediate sprocket with the crank pulley and then turn the distributor to line up with the rotor... However, I can't seem to get the lower t-belt cover off. So if anyone can provide me with a reference photo of the rotor position with the timing marks lined up, that would at least get my car running smoother...

      2. Which brings me to my next question... How do I get the lower t-belt cover off? I've removed the bigger bolt on top but there is another bolt near the alternator that I can't seem to remove. Is there any others? Do I have to remove some pulleys?

      3. If I'm completely resetting the timing on everything is there any other pulleys/sprockets I need to align at TDC in order to be doing this correctly?
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