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    Thread: Brake sensor wire

    1. Member e_dub's Avatar
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      Oct 14th, 2005
      2005 VW GLI
      05-08-2012 06:20 PM #1
      I bought a set of front and rear brakes from a dealer here on VW back in December. I didn't need to install them at the time, I bought them because of an advertised sale.
      I bought these same brake pads from the same dealer a few years, they worked/performed great.
      Yesterday I decided to replace my brake pads and I notice that I received the wrong type of front brakes. The sensor wire had a male plug........
      Although I ordered the exact same part number from years back, I was sent the wrong brake pads.
      Looks like I received brake pads for a Passat, not a MKIV GLI.
      Dealer has not responded to emails or IMs. I feel I may be out of the dealers warranty since I purchased these back in December.
      Question; can I cut and splice the sensor plug from my old brake pads onto the new pads?
      I plan on soldering and using heat shrink on the wires, but I'm wondering if anyone has done this.

      Searching this site reveals nothing similar.

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    2. Senior Member 87vr6's Avatar
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      Jan 17th, 2002
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      05-08-2012 07:12 PM #2
      Dude, you don't even need those sensors. Just put a jumper wire in the vehicle side plug, tape it in place and out of the way and you're gravy.

      Or you can solder them and whatever.

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