I drive a 2009 jetta TDI manual.

A few hours I hit a wide pothole. It sounded pretty rough but I couldn't find any physical damage. I drove to eat, and a half hour later when I started the car, I got a CEL. I drove to autozone and the code revealed an issue with the exhaust.

I believe the autozone worker said it was the exhaust pressure gauge regulator or something in that nature....

He said it might have been building over time because of possibly aggressive driving, but I'm certain it was me hitting the pothole that probably knicked the exhaust itself.

The exhaust on my car is the Borla, posted below.


So... I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm certain the warranty won't cover me for this at all...
Any advice? What might the long term effects be if this doesn't get fixed?

Please and thank you!!

*Waste gauge bypass regulator valve, is what is affected, from what I found online so far.