VWVortex.com - FS: 1977 Rabbit 2.1L DOHC-16v Mars Red 103k miles on body
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    Thread: FS: 1977 Rabbit 2.1L DOHC-16v Mars Red 103k miles on body

    1. 05-08-2012 11:30 PM #1

      I'm selling my 1977 Rabbit, Mars Red (Original Paint). $5000 OBO
      Location: Cornelius, Oregon
      Reason for sale: Had to buy a new HVAC for my house.
      Serious Offers only!

      - 1.8L 16v Scirocco Rebuild Cylinders Bored-out to 2.1L (13k miles on the rebuilt engine).
      -All the receipts included with all the work that was done.
      -New Valve Guides, New pistons, Rings, Bearings, seals, gaskets, distributor, fuel filter, hoses, belts, plugs, wires.
      - Roll cage if wanted (removed when I bought the car)
      - Replaced front windshield and seal on May 5th 2012 (receipt included)
      - All window seals have been replaced within the last 2 years.
      - Original Owners manual with leather case
      - TT Downpipe for scirocco-16v (non-cat) 2"
      - ADB front and rear Swaybar 25MM front, 28mm back.
      - Modified wiring diagrams to show the re-wiring.
      - Original Vehicle registration certificate from 1977
      - Completely rebuilt Transmission Included (not installed). Current transmission reverse gear makes a grinding noise, so a new transmission was rebuilt.
      - Brand new tags, went through DEQ 2 months ago and passed with flying colors.

      Last edited by POGKeeper; 07-27-2012 at 09:50 PM. Reason: vehicle was sold

    2. Member caddy80's Avatar
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      Feb 16th, 2000
      seattle, wa
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      05-08-2012 11:41 PM #2
      Don't sell it! You'll never find another like it. (coming from the guy trying to sell both of his rabbits)

      Looks perfect btw.

    3. Member
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      Jan 20th, 2009
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      05-09-2012 12:16 AM #3
      beauty car.
      card carrying autocrat.

      my sofa pulls out, but I don't.

    4. Member RPF1's Avatar
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      Dec 23rd, 2009
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      05-09-2012 01:14 AM #4
      wow.. props for original paint for being that clean!! keep it!
      Instagram: rensupreme

    5. 05-09-2012 01:45 AM #5

    6. Member from510toGTI's Avatar
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      05-09-2012 07:28 PM #6
      I bet george isn't very happy about you selling this car. But props on putting your house before the car on the priority list.

    7. 05-10-2012 05:36 PM #7
      Yea george isnt happy that I've got to sell it.

      Car still currently available. One offer made for a possible sale in a week, but nothing concrete yet.

    8. 07-27-2012 12:49 PM #8
      Hello: My name is Ryan (rentonhighlands2) I sent you a PM. Please let me know.

    9. 07-27-2012 09:48 PM #9

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