Hi Folks,

Currently an MKIV Jetta VR6 owner here , looking to make the jump to a 2009-2011 CC, and in desperate need of your expertise/guidance.

I need to understand the difference and terminology used to describe the following headlight units:



I understand, so far, that 1) is the European version and comes WITHOUT the orange reflector in the unit. This is the exact look I'm going for. I reside in Canada, BTW; so all North American CCs come with the headlight pictured in 2), with the orange reflector. I have found OEM European units on eBay that I'm hoping to make a direct swap with (through researching the forums, I found out that removing the orange reflector isn't as straight-forward as baking the lens on the CC)

Going one step further, I've seen North American CCs come with the following two lighting options:


I'm actually looking for the name used to describe A). Seeing that it has a projection lens to focus scattered light, my first guess is that this is the Xenon headlight unit.... and to me, is actually more visually pleasing than B). Looking at B), my guess is that it is a Halogen bulb... however, I have seen it referred to as a "Bi-Xenon" light many times.

If it is a matter of restriction to certain model years or trim level (ie: sportline vs highline vs VR6), then please let me know, so that I may focus my search a bit more.

....Hoping that you owners can really shed some light (pun intended) on this for me. Your help is greatly appreciated.