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    Thread: Heart + Engine

    1. Member rsStewie's Avatar
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      Jan 24th, 2008
      '01 s2000 & '04 lil pig
      05-09-2012 08:51 PM #1
      I want to combine a heart and an engine for a tattoo but can't seem to get it right. A lot of what I found on google seemed kinda corny to me.

      I can't seem to get it right, this was my first attempt:

      Proportions are off but I don't see it working. I really like the idea of turbo plus crazy exhaust manifolds in it though, like this:

      I know I'm not the best at drawing but I'd appreciate some input.

    2. Member muttonchops's Avatar
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      Mar 10th, 2005
      Scottsdale, Arizona
      1985 Jetta CIS-e
      05-11-2012 09:33 PM #2
      Do the real heart not this one , but have the engine facing head on and not at an angle. My opinion.
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