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    Thread: From Sprint and LG to Simple Mobile and Motorola: Will my plan work?

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      05-10-2012 10:10 PM #1
      My quandry from another forum:

      Hate my cell phone (LG Optimus S).

      Want a new one (Motorola Photon).

      Not eligible for an upgrade credit and kind of tired of paying what I'm paying for Sprint anyway (taking an upgrade credit means extending the contract for 2 years).

      I'm thinking of buying a Photon used, using it for the remaining time I'm with Sprint and then switching to Simple Mobile when the Sprint contract is up in a few months. (Photon is a world-phone, CDMA and GSM compatible and has a SIM card slot [Sprint is CDMA and doesn't use SIM]).

      My confusion lies in the compatibility aspect. Will buying a Photon off eBay that's listed as "unlocked" (as opposed to "Sprint") work? Will it be fully-functional on SM? (I checked their website. It's not explicitly listed as an approved phone but I've read about other phones not on their list working with various levels of voice, data and texting capability.)

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    2. 05-11-2012 12:22 PM #2
      Unlocked refers to the GSM radios only. An unlocked phone will work with any carrier's SIM card, so long as the radio frequencies match.

      Sprint uses CDMA. You cannot unlock CDMA radios. They are not identified by the carrier's SIM card that is in the phone. They are identified on the network by a hard coded number (MEID) which includes information specific to the model of phone. You cannot simply use any CDMA phone on any CDMA network, even if the radio frequencies match, because the carrier has a list of approved MEID numbers.. if yours is not on the list, they won't let your phone access the network.

      So, to answer your questions.

      1) Unlocked photon will work on sprint, since the unlocking aspect has nothing to do with sprint, and the photon is a sprint authorized device.

      2) It will work on SM's 3G network, as the photon has quad band (850/900/1800/1900mhz) GSM radio and SM's 3G GSM network (which is just t-mobile's network) operates on 1900mhz. It will NOT work on SM's 4G network, which is HSPA+. The Photon's 4G radio is WiMax, which was a bad business decision on sprint's part, and wimax has been all but abandoned going forward.

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