• Audi R8 LMP1 Racecar on Display with Audi R8 Road Car
• See Audi’s latest racing documentary
• Q&A session with Audi of America CMO and Audi Sport Le Mans Engineer
• Exclusive Audi R8 owner parking in front of Carlisle Theatre
• Truth in 24 II red carpet photo op for attendees
• $5 Ticket Benefits local charity
• Free Truth in 24 II posters (as above) for RSVP'd attendees

As a part of our huge weekend planned around the Carlisle import show, Fourtitude is proud to be hosting a red carpet premiere of Audi's new "Truth in 24 II" documentary. The film captures the experience of Audi's thrilling victory out of the jaws of defeat at last year's 24 Hours of LeMans. It follows the story of the Audi team losing two of it's three cars to serious crashes, and then having the sole remaining car win the race by a mere 13 seconds after 24 hours of racing.

We're really rolling out the red carpet (in the literal sense!) for this special event. Starting at noon on Friday May 18th, we will have a special "R8 Road and Race" display set up in the town square in Carlisle, PA. The display will include our 2012 R8 road car, as well as the Audi R8 LMP1 race car which won the 24 Hours of LeMans in 2005. Also at the display will be an original Audi Sport Quattro, the car that was built to homologate the legendary S1 Group B rally car in the 1980s. Audi only built just over 200 of them, and one will be on hand.

That evening, there will be an Audi enthusiast dinner at a local pub, and then at 7:00PM the doors will open at the historic Carlisle Theater for the premiere. We will have the full red carpet treatment for attendees, including photo ops in front of the backdrop that was used at the Los Angeles premiere of the film, and free movie posters for RSVP'd guests.

After the film, we will be hosting a Q&A session with Scott Keogh, who is Chief Marketing Officer for Audi of America, and who is responsible for both of the Truth in 24 films, as well as Audi Sport engineer Brad Kettler, who was in both films and helped guide the team to victory.

Then of course, there is the rest of the weekend including a free breakfast at Sun Audi on Saturday, and the show itself, which always has some great surprises. This year we will be displaying both R8s, the Sport Quattro, and some other rarities as well.

It's sure to be a great weekend, so if you're in the area, please consider coming out!

Information on RSVP'ing for the movie premiere can be found right here. If you're planning on attending, please RSVP with the number of guests in your party to AudiR18TDI2@Fourtitude.com.

Thanks, and see you there!