Alright, this is weird...

I usually park my car on normal size (and flat) underground parking lots but yesterday I had to park on one of those (underground) parking that are literally like corkscrews, no flat surfaces and you just keep turning and turning and so the car reached 240 degrees! wtf?

I was able to park seven stories below ground level and left the car for maybe 5 hours. when I left and turned on the car, the engine was obviously cold but when I reached the attendant at the gate, it was already on the 210 degrees mark... I can understand the extra (engine) effort to pull out from the parking lot... but on my way down? (which I was only braking)

I remember seen this on my car a while ago, but I didn't pay attention.

All the fluids on the car are on the "correct" levels and both fans are working. I have never suffered an overheat like this... well, once but my front end was covered on snow and that's another story.

Have any of you experience the above?