Hi guys , i was running a 16v swap on digi 2 then switched to webers, this is the way i have wired it

i have

key on and while cranking power to the coil, and power to the icm
have voltage on between pin 1 and 3 on my distributor
icm is grounded on the battery
have tested all the wires individually for breaks or open circuit

the thing is i dont get any spark at all, i did this test :

Ignition ON
remove hall sensor harness plug from distributor
insert a bare paper clip or wire into the center slot of the harness plug
briefly touch the paper clip or wire to ground

Each time the wire is touched to ground, a spark should jump from the center distributor (coil wire)... have someone hold the coil wire 1/8" from a clean ground.

If you get spark each time you touch the clip to ground, then the ignition module is ok, and the problem is most likely the Hall Sensor.

No spark, then either the module or the ECM.

Make sure you have power & ground across the outer two slots of the hall sensor harness plug!

i dont get any spark, tried another ICM , still nothing, tried another distributor, still nothing im getting out of ideas.. anyone ?