holden to announce export of the commodore to u.s. As chevrolet ss: Holden will announce tomorrow an export program for the commodore, which will see the adelaide [australia] made car become a race and showroom star in the united states. Though sales of the elizabeth-produced sedan continue to slide in australia, a commodore v8 will be exported to america where it will be sold with the chevrolet ss performance badge. In that guise, it would also star for the heartland brand in the nascar stock car racing series, which runs second only to formula one in global popularity. Holden has been testing left-hand drive cars on public roads in victoria in recent weeks and running it head-to-head with one of its strongest potential rivals, the dodge charger, as it finalises its end of the important new deal. Motorsport sources in the usa hint that an announcement of the chevrolet ss program is imminent, including the holden connection. The coming vf commodore as the donor car for the program ticks the boxes for american muscle car fans, and nascar stock car racing as well, thanks to its v8 engine, large body and rear-wheel drive. Former gm holden president mark reuss, now the head of gm operations in the us and a known fan and supporter of the commodore, dodged carsguide's questions on a link between the ss program and the commodore. Holden chairman mike devereux also refused to comment on the strengthening rumours in the us, which were triggered by the announcement. Full-scale testing of the racer is expected to begin soon, and the bodywork expected to be revealed at the same time.()(5-16-2012)
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