Since the car is complete and sitting in the driveway I think its time I make my first real build thread . Its a 91 gti vr6 all the work was done by me and the helping hand of a few friends (mainly holding the flash lights seriously I couldn't have done this with out them) Also would like to thank a few forum members for dealing with my annoying and constant pms, well there is only one person really, that's Mr Paul K. aka need_a_VR6, seriously he prolly wants to kill me by now but he helped out playing mechanic via pms. Thanks man really.

On we go, My cousin bought the car for 1000$ with a blown motor in it and a good one on a stand, cant really complain about that. We got the car in my tiny, horribly lit one car garage and the fun began.

This is how the car sits now but its exactly the same as it was when we first got it so it fits the bill.

Now the motor came out fairly easily with no problems and the build started. This was supposed to be an easy drop the motor in and go done deal. Well it didn't go so smoothly... With limited space I was able to convince my instructors at my school to let me put the motor together there and bring it back home and be done with it.

Motors out

at the shop trans stripped off

new motor on the stand

new clutch kit from southbend

Trans mounted and all good to go!

Motor is in and first start up is on its way

Now this is where the build slows down a lot... I had some trouble figuring out the alarm system trick with the jump wire on the fuse box but we got it and its a little shaky but it started. Sounded like ****, like really bad... Few days go buy I'm not sure what's going on lots of valve tapping noise, the scary kind. I pulled the valve cover off to see this...

Well I should have checked the torque on some more bolts than i thought... The cam bolt backed out and timing went to **** and we smacked some valves.. Well little more than smack they were bent to ****. So I found a new head did a head swap with some new head studs this time, mk4 HG, and checked the timing several times along with torque specs over and over and over again so this time nothing gets ****ed up

Old head


new motor all back together for the 2nd time.. with some help from the puppy.

At this point the car started up runs great no noises and the build was complete. The car now sits in the drive waiting for my broken ankle to heal and for me to finish bleeding the slave cylinder. This is my first motor build and swap that I can say I've done by myself I'm happy with the results and I'm sorry for so many pics

Car specs:
2.9 clone intake
262 cams
GIAC chip
Borla exhaust
mk4 headgasket
catch can setup
samco hose kit
EGR delete
SAI delete
P/S and A/C delete
Plaid head liner
Corbeau leather racing seats front and back

Well thats my build/story about my 2nd mk2 happy I can post this that means it finished