Ok s here is the deal. Had a vr6 **** the bed so I purchased one from a kid who had cams put in did rebuilt head, decked the head .30 and mk4 head gasket. The engine has not been ran since the build. Put into a existing mk2. The engine has been sitting for a while all opennings were covered for storage
The issues are as follows
1) I have to push gas all the way to the floor to get it to start. When it starts I won't stay running. The engine won't keep constant rpm. When I have it floored it fluctuates sporadically
2) there seams to be alot of lifter noise
3) I took the gas line off the rail. I get no fuel on key on just crank not sure if this normal

I know everyone is going to say the timing is not right. Let's assume that it was done by a professional and it's correct

I changed the relay for the fuel pump, checked ecu power, changed fuel pressure regulator. Plugs dont seam that bad.
Thanks for any input