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    Thread: We're listening....

    1. 05-28-2012 09:20 PM #106
      Quote Originally Posted by son of planrforrobert View Post
      Chip and ECU tuning guys, started by the guy that used to write tunes for C2. I was hoping they would be on hand so I could get a good deal on a FI tune for my Jetta.
      Ask the SoWo guys about this. I heard that UM wanted to sponsor, but were turned away? I know a buddy was going to get his car tuned while there but couldn't because they were not allowed at the show.

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      05-31-2012 07:19 PM #107
      Didn't read through all of the suggestions so sorry if this is a repeat, but aside from what everyone else was saying---

      - creating a cut off point before chaos hits. i had friends who were pre-registered as number 3xx and they didn't get to park on the grounds because of space even though . it didn't seem fair that people were able to register and park on the grounds the day of the show when so many pre-registers didn't even have space to park. Again, charging a registration fee would cut back on this problem.
      I know that no-show pre-registers make this difficult, but it was just something that didnt sit well with me.

      just my opinion but awesome show regardless!

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