Alpine CDE-9843 Detachable Face CD Receiver. I removed this unit when I upgraded my MKIII Jetta to a Sony Bluetooth CD Receiver. The rear speakers weren't working, and I thought the problem may have been the Alpine Receiver, but after I removed the Alpine, and installed the new Sony, I found that the Factory Rear speakers were totally rotted and non-functional.

So, I'm selling this Alpine CD Receiver. The detachable face is in excellent cosmetic condition, and the rado functions that I use are all functional. The rear speaker channels probably work fine. I never went back to retest the rear channels after I found the rear speakers in the car were dead.

Included with the Alpine CD Receiver are: the detachable faceplate, Alpine hard plastic facecase, DIN mounting cage, Alpine receiver wiring harness with VW wiring harness adapter attached, antenna adapter (for a fender mounted antenna), and a paper copy of the Owner's Manual (downloaded from the Alpine Website).

If you're interested, PM your email address, and I can send some photos. You can also go to the Alpine Website and look at the manual to see what you'd be getting.

$25 cash if picked up, or $40 shipped including PayPal Fee.