I'm building a mk3 golf syncro track rat right now and have been offered a chance to buy a passat tank and trunk floorpan for $50. this theoretically could make my life alot easier in my efforts to comply with the safety regs i will need to conform to next year. more specifically, the need to separate the cell from the passenger compartment. yes, alot of welding but that's my time and it's "free" as opposed to the other options available to me which I will not get into.

question is: I've seen alot of pics of corrado syncros with passat tanks and the tanks look perilously exposed to rear impact, not to mention hanging quite low.

Am I to assume that the same issue would be present with the mk3 golf? it's times like this i wish i went for a jetta instead!!!

mk2 rallye or mk3 syncro tanks are not on the option list due to cost. it's passat tank or deal with my fuel cell issues...

anyone have any pics? i've been looking around with no luck.