VWVortex.com - HALP - anyone have "fat" - early 020 drive flange seals in RI? PN inside
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    Thread: HALP - anyone have "fat" - early 020 drive flange seals in RI? PN inside

    1. 05-26-2012 11:42 AM #1
      I don't live in RI - im currently visiting. No one has the seals I need in stock - and I will not be around to recieve them should I place an order. I am hoping to drive the car home on monday - if anyone has a set of flange seals, that would be rad.

      I decided to change the drive flange seals on my early 020 GC 4 spd trans.(PN 020 301 189F.) Being that I had replacement seals. When I removed the seals from the package - I realized they were 10MM late seals, and I can not use them. I need the 15MM fat early seals

      longshot I know - if you have a set, please give me a shout via PM, and I'll come scoop em up. Thanks.

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      07-08-2012 01:40 PM #2
      unrelated: your inbox is full - delete some messages so I can send you a note

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