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    Thread: MK5 R32 Haldex Gen 2 query

    1. Member sixteen10's Avatar
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      Nov 16th, 2008
      South Africa
      2007 Audi 8P S3
      05-28-2012 07:13 AM #1
      Hi All

      I have a query for something that is bothering me and I am hoping someone can assist. I have a mildly modded mk5 R32 in N/A trim. At my altitude it does about 180whp at all 4 wheels.
      I have 19" BBS CH-R's fitted with 225/35/19 Yokohama S drives.

      The car has Koni Sport shocks , H&R springs , H&R front and rear sway bars , UNIbrace and a Haldex Gen2 HPP controller with wireless remote.

      The controller is always set to race mode , or at least I hope so.
      The last few days I have been pushing my car quite hard and find that on tight corners ( 1st or 2nd gear ) I am still getting what appears to be massive FWD understeer. I can hear and feel the front wheels losing traction and the car starts understeering badly. I was under the impression that the moment the front wheels lost traction the Haldex would lock the rear diff and power would be transmitted to the rear aiding my problem?

      I am quite concerned as a friend with a stage 2 S3 that is Haldex Gen 2 HPP equipped has no such problem on similar wheels , same size and the same tires.
      Could the weight of the R32 be the problem or is it possible that the Haldex controller is faulty?
      If I use launch control I am not lighting up the front wheels only which indicates the car's 4motion system is still functional.

      Possible I have "over driven" the tire's grip limits?

    2. Junior Member matteeee's Avatar
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      Feb 8th, 2010
      2010 VW Scirocco 1.4TSI 160bhp DSG7
      05-30-2012 03:50 AM #2
      The Haldex is not digital, on or off. It is a slip coupling that transfer different amount of torque to the rear wheels depending on the situation.
      Lost traction in front is NOT needed.

      This means, driving like you say, pushing it, you already have some torque going to the rear axle. The amount is controlled by, in your case, the HPP controller.

      The R32 is heavier in the front than the S3, so it would behave a bit different. But there could be something wrong with the controller, Haldex pump, oil or even the clutch discs.
      I would start off by trying the other modes in the HPP to compare with what you have now.
      If that doesnt help, have the fault codes scanned, then oil change (+ filter) in the Haldex. These things are pretty cheap and wont do any harm even if it doesnt cure the problem.

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