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    Thread: 1995.5 Audi S6 Sedan, UT, $4500

    1. Member Hybrid_Hatch's Avatar
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      Oct 24th, 2005
      Salt Lake City, UT
      '83 URQuattro, '91 Coupe Quattro, '95 90 sport quattro
      05-29-2012 11:35 AM #1
      Silver over platinum Recaros (no rips or tears in the interior, some wear on driver bolster)
      Clean Oregon title in hand and carfax
      1995.5 (this was literally audi pushing the time limit to have OBD2 in the car, technically it is a 96 model, but since it was still built in 95 they could sell it as a 95 and not have to switch to an obd2 system like the US law required, some of the special changes for this .5 year model are closed headrests, wide stereo, no diff button, wide first gear in the transmission(very desirable), and other small things)
      timing belt was changed beginning of last year by a shop by the previous owner (saw the receipt but she kept it to claim on taxes, she was supposed to make me copies but never got them)\

      on the subject of previous owners, it was owned by an older gentleman (dentist), he gave it to the second owner who was his daughter in law or something (didnt fully understand the relationship because she was single), I'm technically the third owner. she had stacks of receipts, the first half was all from the dealer, the second half was from alpine auto which is a known and trusted audi shop (i have several audi friends who take their cars there).

      Bad news, i picked it up in half broken half disassembled condition, the previous owner hit a rock that was in the road, it took out the bumper, radiator, and condenser. SHe took it to a body shop for repair/estimates, they stripped it down and "sort of" put it back together when she told them she wouldnt be doing the repairs and sold it to me. Some of the parts were in the trunk (head lights, and the under light trims) however none of the cross member screws or screws for the headlights or the headlight washer covers and a plethora of other random parts were not there, basically they took it all apart and lost most of the bits and pieces to put it all back together. I hate body shops, i dont know what this one was doing and based off what i experienced with them they seemed very shady and i'm glad they didn't do the work.

      Good News, I had an oem s6 radiator and condenser from an s6 i recently parted so i threw that on right away to test it out and see if it was worth keeping, i did so and i was very impressed. I have owned 4 c4 s-cars, i have driven 15+ c4 s-cars and this was by far the most dialed in one i had been in, no clunks, no creeks, it did have a small cut out at higher load pulls (turned out to be an airfilter). SO i decided to keep it and put it back together. I found a local silver a6 and robbed it of its front bumper, hood (the stock one had bad rock chips that were getting rusty), and all the oem silver painted hardware i needed.

      as far as what i have done:

      front end stuff i mentioned above (bumpers front and rear could use paint)
      a/c evac and refill (nice and cold!)
      Fuel filter
      Fuel Sender (it was broken when i got it, had a spare )
      air filter
      spark plugs (OEM bosch)
      spark plug boots
      valve cover gasket (it was leaky and old)
      engine mount
      open carbon canister fixed
      a bunch of new bulbs in the cluster, needs 1 more (i will probably finish the job before selling)
      new brake pads front and rear
      new audi oem grey leather armrest without phone, (i have the beat up original one as well)
      (lol the small light switch buttons on the drivers and passenger sides, they werent there...)
      I also know that the ps pump was replaced with a new one at a cost of over 400 bucks, and also the expensive "J" hose was also replaced with oem at over 300 bucks!

      Things I have noticed, this is the "all in the name of full disclosure" stuff:

      Small 6" crack in the front windshield, very low on the drivers side, basically right above the wiper.
      Trunk struts need to be replaced (the struts are 15 bucks new through autohausaz.com)
      I have never tested the tape player or the cd changer, i have just used my ipod radio transmitter with the radio
      the key slot for the trunk doesnt work (ie the key wont go into the lock), however the lock is set to lock when you lock the car and works.
      I dont have remotes for the keyless entry, but i do have 2 OEM "sidewinder" keys
      the front bumper that is on it (a6) obviously doesn't flare how it should and is isn't beautiful (has bad rash, and could use paint)
      It has some door dings, there is a cluster or like 3 small ones on the drivers door and there is a somewhat big ding on the rear drivers quarter, it was hard to get pictures of the door dings, but the rear quarter one was obvious, it has light scratches on the body i tried to get a picture of the worst of it on the trunk, im not a body guy but i know most of that stuff will "buff out" it would look much better with a polish.
      the passenger side front window has been replaced with an aftermarket piece of glass, it works fine just something i noticed, i also noticed a few pieces of glass when cleaning from what was probably the original one under seats.
      gas pedal is missing part of it, super common, doesn't effect drivablity
      the lower trim on the front two doors have minor issues

      that is everything i can think of for the moment, i actually have been taking notes in my phone and that is pretty much everything i can think of. It runs strong, temps where they should be. I actually feel like this car was never revved past 4k rpm all of its life (up until i owned it!). Overall very solid car, the list of bad stuff is a short one and considering you have owned a few s-cars nothing will be a surprise. The car is ready to be driven anywhere, I wouldn't hesitate to drive it cross country, i would change the oil and go!

      Car also passed Utah emissions in September with SUPER low numbers, have that as well to show as well. I'll be posting it on ksl probably later this week, thought i would give the forum first stab. not really looking for trades but you can always ask.

      Also if you feel like reading, this is the Tech specs from Audi:

      Engine/Engine Design
      Type: 2.2 liter, 20 valve, turbo-charged, 5-cylinder, in-line, electronic turbo-boost control.
      Bore: 3.19 in.
      Stroke: 3.40 in.
      Displacement: 136 cu. in.
      Compression Ratio: 9.3:1
      Horsepower (SAE Net): 227 @ 5900 rpm
      Torque: 258 @ 1950 rpm
      Cylinder block: Cast Iron
      Crankshaft: n/a
      Cylinder head: Aluminum alloy
      Valve Train: Belt driven, hydraulic lifters
      Firing Order: 1-2-4-5-3
      Cooling System: Water-cooled, thermostatically controlled electric fan
      Fuel/Ignition System: Bosch Motronic electronic fully adaptive sequential fuel injection/ignition system, hot-wire air mass sensor, fault memory, dual knock sensors,
      Type: Quattro all-wheel drive
      Transmission: 5-speed manual transmission
      Gear Ratios:
      Final Drive Manual
      Type: Rack & pinion; vehicle speed variable power assist
      Ratio: n/a
      Turns (lock-to-lock): n/a
      Turning circle (curb-to-curb): 34.4 ft.
      Front: Coil spring/shock absorber (gas charged) struts, lower control arms, stabilizer bar
      Rear: Independent, trapezoidal lower control arms, coil spring/shock absorber (gas charged) struts, stabilizer bar.
      Service brake: Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), hydraulic power assist, dual braking circuits split front to rear, load and lateral acceleration sensitive brake pressure proportioning
      Front, size and type: 10.9 in, ventilated disc, dual piston caliper
      Rear, size and type: 10.6 in, ventilated disc
      Wheels & Tires
      Wheel size: 7.5j x 16 cast aluminum alloy, six-spoke "Avus" style (7.5j x 15 six-spoke light alloy optional)
      Tire size: 225/60 16 performance radial (215/60 15 all-season optional)
      Material: Fully galvanized (both sides) steel
      Corrosion protection: multi-step anti-corrosion process
      Engine Oil: 4.7 U.S. quarts
      Fuel Tank: 21.1 U.S. gallons
      Cooling System: 9.0 liters
      Exterior Dimensions
      Wheelbase: 106.0 in.
      Front Track: 61.5 in.
      Rear Track: 60.1 in.
      Overall length: 192.6 in.
      Overall Width: 71.0 in.
      Height (unloaded): 56.5 in. (59 in. wagon)
      Ground Clearance: 4.0 in.
      Curb Weight: 3814 lbs. (3924 lbs wagon)
      Interior Dimensions
      Seating Capacity: 5 (7 wagon)
      Front Legroom: n/a
      Rear Legroom: n/a
      Interior Volume: 94.1 cu. ft.
      Luggage capacity: 16.4 cu. ft. (33.9 wagon; 65.5 w/ rear seats folded)
      0-50 mph (0-80 kmh): n/a
      0-60 mph (0-100 kmh): 6.2 sec. (6.6 sec. wagon)
      1/4 Mile: 14.9 sec. (15.1 sec. wagon)
      Top estimated speed: 130 mph (electronically limited)
      Fuel Economy
      City: 18 mpg
      Highway: 23 mpg
      Combined: n/a

      Standard Features
      Comfort/Convenience: • Automatic climate control system
      • Power glass sunroof (tilt and slide) with automatic preselect
      • Power windows with driver one-touch down and convenience close features; lock-out for rear windows and cigarette lighter
      • Tilt and telescopic steering wheel
      • Tinted glass, banded windshield
      • Electronic cruise control with resume
      • Dual power mirrors with memory, defog, tilt revers (right--hand side only)
      • Electric rear window defogger
      • Power central locking system including trunk and fuel door with windows/sunroof close feature
      • infrared remote activation of locking system, alarm, seat and mirror memory
      • Power trunk release
      • Thigh adjustment for front seats
      • Heatable front and rear seats
      • Heat ducts to rear seat area
      • Cellular telephone (hands-free/voice recognition)
      • Illuminated glove box, trunk, lighter/ashtrays, engine compartment
      • Ignition key with infrared transmitter
      • Dual illuminated vanity mirrors
      • 4-passenger assist handles with 3 reading lights
      • Cupholders (in center console)
      • Time delay interior light
      • Expandable ski-storage sack
      • Anti-theft vehicle alarm system
      • Fuel cap hanger
      • Day/night rearview mirror
      Interior/Seating and trim: • 8-way power front seats with manual lumbar adjustment and memory functions for driver seat and outside mirrors
      • Seiden Nappa leather seat upholstery
      • Front seatback map pockets
      • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
      • Leather shift knob
      • Open head restraints, front and rear
      • Folding front-center armrest with cellular phone
      • Long center console with rear air vent
      • Fold-down rear center armrest
      • Carbon fiber inlays for dash and door panels
      • 60/40 split/fold rear seat (Wagon only)
      • Folding 2-child seat in cargo area (wagon only)
      Instrumentation: • Backlit instrument cluster with additional gauges (oil temperature, oil pressure, coolant temperature)
      • Light grey instrument faces
      • Tachometer and electric speedometer (160 mph)
      • Trip odometer
      • Active Auto check System
      • Outside temperature gauge (separate)
      • Analog clock
      • Intermittent wiper mode
      Audio Systems: • Audi/Bose music system with anti-theft AM/FM stereo cassette radio and 4 acoustically tuned speaker modules
      • Dual diversity antenna system
      Exterior: • Aerodynamic halogen headlamps with integrated fog lights (ellipsoid beams for low beams and fog lights)
      • Headlamp washers, retractable
      • Integrated, body colored front and rear bumper aprons
      • Protective side moldings
      • Heatable windshield washer nozzles
      • Intensive windshield washer system
      • Body color flush door handles
      • Body color outside mirrors
      • 5 mph bumpers
      • Chrome exhaust pipe tips
      • Convex, right outside mirror
      • Front fog lights
      • Rear fog light
      • Clearcoat metallic paint
      • Rear washer/wiper system (wagons only)
      • Roof rails (Wagon only)
      Safety: • Child-safety rear door locks
      • 3-point front seat belts with height adjustment
      • Driver and front passenger air bag supplemental restraints
      • Automatic self-tensioning front seat belt system
      • Rear outboard 3-point seat belts
      • Safety reflectors on all doors

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      Oct 24th, 2005
      Salt Lake City, UT
      '83 URQuattro, '91 Coupe Quattro, '95 90 sport quattro
      05-29-2012 11:42 AM #2
      And just for reference here is EVERY audi S6 that is available on autotrader or cars.com






      Mine is cheaper by several thousand dollars even to ones with more mileage except for the 4k dollar one that has 300k miles on it.

    3. Member Hybrid_Hatch's Avatar
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      Oct 24th, 2005
      Salt Lake City, UT
      '83 URQuattro, '91 Coupe Quattro, '95 90 sport quattro
      06-01-2012 11:05 AM #3
      Now on KSL, comes with snow tires and a set of all season tires.

    4. Member Hybrid_Hatch's Avatar
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      Oct 24th, 2005
      Salt Lake City, UT
      '83 URQuattro, '91 Coupe Quattro, '95 90 sport quattro
      06-02-2012 04:51 PM #4
      Sold to a fellow board member.

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