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    Thread: Oil leak help

    1. 05-29-2012 02:18 PM #1
      I need a little help. My 2000 jetta 2.0 AEG is leaking oil from the main air intake duct where it attaches to the throttle body and also at the funny connector where the breather tube attaches to main air intake duct. (located just behind and above the oil filler cap - I have the cold weather model so the where the breather tube attaches there is also a smaller tube that goes into the air intake duct and a wiring connector on the top)

      At first I thought it might be the breather tube, but replacing that didn't help and the leak is getting worse. Does anyone know how this system works. Is there anything that could be wrong in the engine to cause oil to come up the breather tube? Do I need to replace the main air intake duct tube that has a Y and has the breather tube, the electrical connector and the other tube going into it? What is that other small tube? Will replacement of the main air intake duct solve all my issues? Any good suggestions on where to pick one up. The dealer would have to order it and it is expensive.


      Thanks in advance for any insight.

    2. 05-29-2012 04:35 PM #3
      Thanks for the link to the PCV valve (crankcase pressure regulating valve). Is there anything in the PCV valve that would need replacement? - I have never replaced mine.


    3. 05-30-2012 08:51 AM #4
      I took apart the part PCV valve from the top of the valve cover that was posted and it doesn't look like there is anything that would be accomplished by replacing it - unless I am missing something it is just a plastic connector and there is no valve in it. I think the valve must be up in the main air intake duct where the breather tube attaches and the oil is leaking...

      Any thoughts from the vortex?

    4. 05-30-2012 04:00 PM #5

      This is the part I am thinking should be replaced. Oil is leaking from the left side of it...

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