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    Thread: The best wrist guards money can buy?

    1. Member ti.pilot's Avatar
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      Feb 13th, 2002
      Atlanta, GA
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      05-30-2012 01:14 PM #1
      So my age (37) caught up to my skating abilities and I broke my wrist a few weeks ago while riding with my son. I have never been a huge protective gear wearing guy but i think its time to get some wrist guards. Anyone have any first hand experience? Are the S-One Damage Control any good?
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    2. Member
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      Jun 28th, 2001
      St. Louis MO
      05-31-2012 09:15 AM #2
      To be honest, wrist guards can do more harm than good. You can end up with a broken arm instead of wrist. I've seen it happen more than once when I used to work at park way back when.

      My age caught up to me on my 37th b-day. I ate shjt messing around at a local park and bent my pinky finger back to my wrist.

    3. Member Salty VW's Avatar
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      Sep 1st, 2004
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      06-01-2012 11:58 PM #3
      Been usin' some older S-One wrist guards since I fractured and displaced my wrist 6 or so years ago. No complaints really. They fit (me) well and are comfortable (for me). Well padded, stiff enough to prevent injury, but not too stiff. I've taken some pretty nasty falls since using them and have had zero wrist (or arm) pain. I'm not sure if they're damage control's or not, but they look very similar sans the graphics. 2 minutes into the session I forget that I even have them on, unlike knee pads which I've never been able to find a completely comfortable set. I wear um pretty much all the time, and throw in some knee pads and a helmet when I'm at a park (which is ultra super rare now a days).

      Kinda random, but you might poke around on some roller derby forums or ask a derby girl if you know one. They tend to know their sh*t when it comes to protective gear, whereas skaters avoid the topic until they're old or get a get a ticket at their local park.
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    4. Member Ericc.'s Avatar
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      07-17-2012 07:04 PM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by pridgener View Post
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      Best dump I ever had!

    5. Member impact's Avatar
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      Feb 6th, 2002
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      07-25-2012 06:25 AM #5
      That guy is either a spammer or a wise old man who just found the internet exists. Check out his other post in the Shimano ICE Brakes thread:

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      09-23-2012 06:55 PM #6
      187 pads have a decent wrist guard

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