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    Thread: Air Conditioning Problems

    1. n00b
      Join Date
      Jun 3rd, 2012
      Dallas, Texas
      2008 Passat
      06-03-2012 09:46 AM #1

      The aircon on my 08 Passat is horrible.

      I have read online and in these forums about people having problems with the compressor's of the AC or other issues. I have taken my car into VW 3 times the past year since I got it and every time I have them check the AC cause it doesn't cool the car down. They have told me 3 times that nothing is wrong.

      This is what is happening: when the AC works it doesn't cool doesnt cool down the car. It was a 90 degree day yesterday and my car stayed at 82 interior temp on a 30 minute drive home. The air blew 5 minutes before i could tell the AC started to blow somewhat cool air. I put the temperature gauge in the vent and It showed 71 degrees. Later that day I ran to the store and the AC kicked on right away and the vent was blowing at 52 degrees. I have tried everything to correct the issue that I have read, from turning the AC off and back on to setting the circulator on and off.

      I dont know if I should return to a different VW dealer or call VW, or if this is just the way the car is. Any help or advise anyone has would be appreciated.

      This is my first post, I tried searching and only found issues with the compressor. If this has been already been posted I am sorry!

    2. Member xen6's Avatar
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      Apr 13th, 2006
      2012 Golf R
      06-04-2012 09:29 AM #2
      In general I think the AC in just about any B6 sucks.

      Mine was terrible, then it blew and I got it replaced and the replacement sucks too.

      It's especially bad if the car is parked in the sun for a while, the car will NEVER cool down. If it's parked in the shade, then there's a chance.

      Same thing happens with one of my co-workers's '07 B6.

      It's better than nothing, but I find that it's just too underpowered for the amount of space it has to cool.

    3. Member
      Join Date
      Mar 2nd, 2011
      2008.5 Passat VR6 4Motion/Sport Sedan
      06-04-2012 11:29 AM #3
      I have on "08 and my A/C is fine. But I'm in Connectcut, not Texas...

    4. 06-04-2012 01:10 PM #4
      I have a black B6 with a black leather interior...The AC just does not get the job done on a hot sunny day. I'm in NJ.

      • The AC is not very powerful, barely blows air
      • It is not very cold
      • It gets weaker and weaker as time goes by with it on, especially if I have it blasting.

      I'm bringing the car in tonight for an appt tomorrow for something unrelated. I'll mention it and let you guys know what my dealer says. Fingers crossed!

    5. 06-08-2012 06:48 PM #5
      I took mine in for being slow to come around to cool. They vacuumed the system down and found I only had a half full freon charge but with the freshly charged system it still blows HOT initially until the car warms up. At that point it does blow very cold but still frustrating to have to wait those first 3-5 minutes.
      2001 Allroad 2.7TT Silver
      2005 Phaeton 4.2 Black
      2007 Passat Wagon 3.6 4Motion
      I have a thing for German motors apparently

    6. Member Oralegti's Avatar
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      Jan 12th, 2008
      Virginia Beach, VA
      06-08-2012 10:13 PM #6
      I'm having an A/C problem also. But mine is different, my A/C wont work if I start the car when it is hot inside the car. As soon as I hit the road I start to feel some cool air starting to come out. After a couple of minutes of driving it finally cools down and my A/C works great. I noticed that when I turn my car on...say in the morning and turn my A/C on my aux condensor fan does not kick on. After I warm up the car I see both fans running but I have a feeling that the aux fan is supposed to spin at a faster speed. I would like to see if anyone can run out to there car and see what happends as soon as you turn on the A/C on. If it is the aux fan I will probably go ahead and replace my fan's.

    7. Member
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      Jan 6th, 2012
      2006 VW Passat 3.6 VR6
      06-09-2012 07:59 PM #7
      I had a new compressor put in last year, the cooling is still quite poor. No where near the capability of other cars. My experience has been that you really have to tweak the vents to blow on you, the system can't produce enough cold air to cool the cabin on hot days.

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