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    Thread: The official MKVI Golf R forum FAQ/DIY/Builds thread

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      Conversation threads

      The Golf R 1/4 Mile time thread
      The Blackstone oil analysis thread
      The official Golf R delivery thread
      What did you do to your Golf R today?
      Things I learned about my Golf R today
      Dings and things. The life of a daily.
      US Golf R Spotted Thread
      VA/MD/DC Golf R Thread
      North Carolina Golf R Thread
      Golf R Database
      The Candy White thread
      The Tornado Red thread
      The Carbon Steel Grey thread
      The Rising Blue thread
      The Deep Pearl Black thread


      Escort 9500CI Radar/Laser Install
      Where the rubber meets the road, the care & feeding of a quick Golf R.
      Clutch Troubles
      Can dealers scan for direct port flash
      Blue needle Podi Boost Guage
      Golf R weights and dimensions
      Golf R registry by state
      Tyrol Mike CW Technical-Data & Modification
      The Wheel Thread. Pictures of Rs with non-stock wheels.


      VWRacing Big Brake Kit Install DIY.
      Rear Trailing Arm bushing install
      LCA, ball joint and TyrolSport Deadset install
      How to disable traction control aka ESC defeat.
      LED tail / Rear fog install
      Vag-Com for beginners
      Flapper Mod
      Audi Shift knob install
      Golf R City Lights
      Dieselgeek Sigma Six Speed Short Shifter Install
      Parallel parking lights
      Autotech HPFP Upgrade DIY
      Brembo 18Z 6 piston brake upgrade DIY for under a grand
      Mirror puddle light DIY
      Using a EOS front plate bracket which isn't as oversized as the stock R one.


      Golf R Build up threads

      Spinoza's Build
      T-Lud RB Stage II+ Sleeper
      Peteski OEM+
      Slidemx5 RB
      GTI0811 RB
      jsausley RB
      ToeBall RB
      V8Star RB
      Casco CW
      ScratchRob13 DBP
      Atl-Atl DBP
      BlazedR DBP
      Angina RB
      nectar-13 CW
      ignitionlive CSG
      Bakerrrr RB Stage II+
      Alive by Time CW Golf R Memoirs
      Tyrol Mike CW Technical-Data & Modification
      Speedfrk's Beauty
      Tim's OEM+ build
      Psipassat's build thread
      The Atömic Punk
      Flipstah's Golf R Build
      Flieger's Golf R OEM+

      Heavy Modification

      iMod.:R DBP "Project R"
      SiliconRane DBP Stage II+
      BSHR Matte Green Stage II+
      jlvcdub CW The Journey

      GOD MODE

      TEFF RB Golf R From Romania


      CiDirkonas Golf R air-ride thread
      Dublife42's Build Thread
      Luke-WL RB Stage II+
      DutchMastr9 RB Stage II+
      Casperlost CW
      .:RTime CW
      JohnnyR32 RB OEM+

      Team Build

      APTuning RB Stage II+
      APR Golf R DBP MAX R
      Forge CW
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