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    Thread: My Cross Country expedition: Oregon to Indianapolis

    1. 06-11-2012 02:52 PM #1
      I’ve been lurking for a long time, even posting a couple times in the non-car related forums. One thing I’ve enjoyed on Vortex is the travel stories people post. The journeys to pick up a car or travel from one side of the country and back home, however harrowing the feat. I’ve always admired the fantasy of it, thinking to myself how awesome it would be to do such a thing. Judging the comments people post in those threads I think I’m not the only one who enjoys the read. Well, I finally did it, so here’s another story for your enjoyment.

      The Plan:

      • Fly in to Eugene, Oregon from Indianapolis, Indiana.
      • Buy and load a car up with as much spares as it could carry.
      • Load a “truck” up with the rest of the spares.
      • Unload the truck for crate packaging and freight (a lot of spares).
      • Record the trip using two gopros, a cheap digital camera, a cheap video camera, and 64GB total storage to work with.
      • Sight seeing as time allowed.
      • All this and including arriving back at home in Indy in 4 days.

      2498mi or 1day, 19hrs according to google. Did I mention, in a 1967 Volvo 122s Amazon with approx 300,000mi already on it?

      Photos and video to follow.

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    2. 06-11-2012 02:56 PM #2
      Uh, yeah, I'm in for this.
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    3. 06-11-2012 02:58 PM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by Old Windy View Post
      Does that she Tropper has sideburns? It does not say were the accident happen? Any more to the story?
      Quote Originally Posted by hipster. View Post
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    4. Member WakusPakus's Avatar
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      Feb 13th, 2012
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      06-11-2012 03:01 PM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by nicoli View Post
      Wow... Who says Hondas have no torque?

      CRV: cranial removal vehicle

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      Jul 22nd, 2009
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      06-11-2012 03:08 PM #5
      I don't believe any of this.....

      I kid. I'm one of your brothers....you used my gopros.

    6. Member rpmk4's Avatar
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      Jan 24th, 2008
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      06-11-2012 03:13 PM #6
      Glad to see you are going to post this.

    7. Member Heffernan's Avatar
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      06-11-2012 03:16 PM #7
      Quote Originally Posted by l88m22vette View Post
      I cannot begin to imagine the amount of gas that has gone through both the engine and those seats.

    8. Member wabbitGTl's Avatar
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      06-11-2012 03:18 PM #8
      A trip I've always wanted to take. for a fellow Indy native
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    9. 06-11-2012 04:16 PM #9
      So Wednesday was a travel day, arriving in Oregon at 12:30am. The PO, is an absolutely cool guy. He picked us (brother and I) up from the airport in the Volvo and then we proceeded to test drive about the outskirts of Eugene until 2am Pacific - which thanks to jet lag was 5am eastern, but adrenaline and excitement overpowered the exhaustion. Saw a couple of deer, which made the heart pound and the need to sleep subside. The PO invited us to stay the evening (er, morning) in his house and made us breakfast when we got up. He also borrowed a friends "truck" to help us get stuff to freight. Stand up guy, I can't thank him enough for his hospitality.

      This is how Thursday morning went:

      Pulled the car out of the garage

      hood works

      PO on left, brother middle, me on right

      Trunk's packed LOL

      Loading up the "truck" - its a diesel

      Mmmm, 1000lbs

      Departure to for crate/freight

      taillights work

      signals work

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    10. Member
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      Dec 4th, 2006
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      06-11-2012 04:20 PM #10
      Sounds interesting.

    11. Member EUROBORA8V's Avatar
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      06-11-2012 04:22 PM #11
      Very cool!

    12. Member titleist1976's Avatar
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      Feb 25th, 2002
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      06-11-2012 04:27 PM #12
      That's an awesome little car! Congrats! I always contemplate driving something back from wherever one of my business trips takes me.

    13. Member Unilateral Phase Detractor's Avatar
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      Aug 23rd, 2005
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      06-11-2012 04:31 PM #13
      In for updates

    14. Member WAR_GTI's Avatar
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      Mar 10th, 2006
      Eugene, OR
      06-11-2012 04:38 PM #14
      Ahw damn....if I would of seen this earlier I would of offered you guys cheap eats and spirits at my bar here in Eugene

    15. Member LG6R's Avatar
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      Oct 20th, 2003
      A working MB and a broken VW
      06-11-2012 06:58 PM #15
      I'll be watching this. I love roadtrips (if you couldn't tell by my signature). Looking forward to seeing how it all went.

    16. Senior Member
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      Nov 7th, 2001
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      06-11-2012 08:17 PM #16
      In for updates. My first car was a '71 142E and I put a lot of road trip miles on it. They are very good road cars (the 122S has a very similar drivetrain to the 142). No reason that car can't make the trip if well cared-for; just need to watch the coolant temps and fluid levels, etc.

      Hope it has an O/D--it'll make for much more comfortable freeway cruising.

    17. Moderator rs4-380's Avatar
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      Dec 12th, 2000
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      06-11-2012 08:33 PM #17
      I hate you.
      (I want that Amazon).

    18. Member VWDugan's Avatar
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      Mar 22nd, 2001
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      06-11-2012 09:09 PM #18
      in for updates...cause i wanna see it when you get back to indy
      I like Boost
      LOA Member #42

    19. Member
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      06-11-2012 09:45 PM #19
      The SIDO <--The good ish

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    20. Member rpmk4's Avatar
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      06-12-2012 09:28 AM #20
      can't wait to this in person. it looked pretty sweet cruising through town the other day

    21. Member Kameirocco's Avatar
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      Dec 19th, 2002
      McMinnville, Oregon
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      06-12-2012 10:28 AM #21
      made the drive from portland to cincy and back a few years ago, the drive is fairly dull, but the experence both times way made up for it. i just hope you don't take the hwy through wyoming... you'll go bonkers... lol
      1980 Scirocco
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    22. 06-12-2012 11:38 AM #22
      Quote Originally Posted by WAR_GTI View Post
      Ahw damn....if I would of seen this earlier I would of offered you guys cheap eats and spirits at my bar here in Eugene
      That would have been awesome. Unfortunately, we had to leave the same day we arrived to meet our destination deadline.

      Quote Originally Posted by Numbersix View Post
      Hope it has an O/D--it'll make for much more comfortable freeway cruising.
      '75 B20F (decked head and street cam) and O/D. Cruised nicely at 65-70mph.
      Quote Originally Posted by rpmk4 View Post
      can't wait to this in person. it looked pretty sweet cruising through town the other day
      We need to do a drive down to Madison again. I took Corey in the MINI before selling it (and funding this purchase) and found another route with more curves that was a lot of fun.

      Quote Originally Posted by Kameirocco View Post
      i just hope you don't take the hwy through wyoming... you'll go bonkers... lol
      Hit I-84 in Ontario, OR from Hwy 20/26 so got to see a lot of OR back country. Looking at the map, I wish now I hit northern Hwy 26 rather than southern Hwy 20. The national forests I went through had amazing views and Hwy 26 would have added two more to the list. Spent the night in Burns and encountered Wyoming at night, Day3 - more on that later.
      Last edited by goin440; 06-12-2012 at 11:54 AM.

    23. 06-12-2012 11:52 AM #23
      Finishing off the morning of Day1 here, dropping stuff off for freight.

      Have to give a shout out to Specialty Crate and Pallet of Eugene, OR for the help with packaging and freight. The beautiful crate arrived at work yesterday.

      I have to splice some video now to continue. Will post again soon.

    24. Member 3Letter's Avatar
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      Sep 16th, 2002
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      06-12-2012 12:57 PM #24

    25. 06-13-2012 10:37 AM #25
      After dropping freight off this was the plan:

      To Florence on 126, then North on the 101 to Newport before turning back East to Indianapolis. I planed a stop (B) at Haceta Head Lighthouse along the way.

      This was my first time using a gopro. While I did some testing before the trip I was unfamiliar with the interface. So I missed catching 126 into Florence (which was a beautiful drive) and then part of the trip North on 101. It appears I had it on single picture mode so only have the start. I've got 101 footage I'll post so no worries, it just does't fit in the timeline up to this point.

      Leaving the gas station to start the Westward journey (camera start)

      The parking lot bushes at McD's, Florence (camera stop)

      Back on the road again North on 101, Florence (camera start)

      First coastal lookout point (camera stop)

      Can't really see in this pic but there were deer wading in the wave break.

      Good shot of the dunes in this area.

      Can almost make out Hawaii on the horizon, srsly

      Creepy truck, where's your people?

      I think this one is a couple corners further North.
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