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    Thread: GTI is running rough... Help! (AGAIN)

    1. Member dub_gurl's Avatar
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      Apr 16th, 2009
      2002 GTI
      06-12-2012 09:48 AM #1
      Hello everyone. Yesterday out of the blue my 2002 GTI starts running wicked rough, and the engine light starts blinking. I check out possible causes on google, and read that it could be caused from the coil packs. I happened to have some from another GTI so I replaced them all. To no avail, it still ran bad and blinking engine light. Luckily there is a Volkswagen Garage close by to where this all went down. I very carefully drove it there for them to hook it up and see what codes it was throwing...

      It threw three codes (thought for sure it was gonna have more like 10!), P0012, P0411, and P0302. Now the question still remains, what to do (first)? According to one of the mechanics there, if the oil pump screen is all clogged up, that in turn will cause low oil pressure and then cylinder 2 can get out of time with cylinder 1 and throw the timing off and cause the misfire. His suggestion was to fix the oil pump screen first and see if it works. There was also some talk of checking out the timing chain, that it could just be out of time, and the variable timing valve. I put a new timing chain in about a year ago.

      I am so frustrated with this car. It has been one thing after another. If I had the guts, I would get someone to steal it and drive it off a very high cliff... !

      Does anyone have any experience with these codes, and fixing the problem? Any advice or help is really appreciated! Thanks!

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