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    Thread: FS:'73 1303 (Super Beetle) Weekend Racer (Louisiana)

    1. Member Jade Wombat's Avatar
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      Oct 20th, 2004
      Houston, TX
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      06-14-2012 09:37 AM #1
      This is a great, fun, tough, little car to toss around and race with still a lot of potential. Set up as a dual-purpose autocross/rallycross car. Great power to weight ratio and very neutral handling. A good combination of tight handling with still enough suspension travel for rallycrossing. Has good acceleration and great braking. I was able to keep up with and beat cars with easily two to three times as much power. Needed repairs have been minimal.

      -1973 VW Super Beetle (1303)
      -Competes in 'E' Prepared in autocross racing and 'Prepared Rear'-wheel drive in rallycross racing
      -1.6L dual-port basically stock engine (great compression 145-152psi, #3 was a little lower though)
      -Single-side cover T1 IRS (the second strongest T1 VW unit vs. a '75 and later T1 unit)
      -Half-roll cage
      -Engine, transaxle support rods and front strut tower bar
      -Small fuel cell
      -Interior stripped, all non-essential parts and excess metal have been removed or replaced with lighter ones to keep momentum up
      -Chassis was sandblasted and re-coated with zinc paint during a pan-off body removal
      -Street legal, good tags and plate, factory fresh air dash fan works (for long drives and rallycross racing), lightweight tube bumpers
      -Most everything has been gone through on the car at one point in time or another, too much to list

      Engine mods
      -1.25 high-lift ratio rockers
      -EuroSport exhaust and j-tubes
      -1/3 qt. mini-deep sump
      -Megajolt/EDIS crank trigger programmable ignition system (brought up the torque values considerably)
      -Traction bar installed

      -944 220lb. lowering springs in the front with KYB inserts and limiting straps
      -New Bilstein rear shocks
      -Front sway bar is stock with poly and rubber bushings, rear upgraded with lightweight 924 sway bar
      -Upgraded aluminum (bigger) tie-rods/ends, new center link, new U-joint shaft
      -Adjustable camber strut top mounts

      -Upgraded with Porsche 924T (the same as early 944/928) with vented disc brakes all-around (genuine Porsche 5 x 130mm bolt pattern, no adapters)
      -CNC drop-down pedal cluster with dual-master cylinders and hydraulic clutch
      -Stainless steel brake lines all around

      -Autocross rims are ROH black 5 spokes with 16x7" (front) and 16x8" (rear) and Hankook C71/C70 205/55/16 and 225/55/16 race tires
      -Rallycross rims are 928S 16x7" and 16x8" slots with Cooper 205/60/16 snow tires (front) and ? 205/80/16 light truck tires (rear)
      -3mm wide spacers on 5x130 mm bolt pattern all around

      Body and other aero. mods
      -Datsun Z car fender flares (to cut down on tire wind drag)
      -Carbon fiber front underside shield
      -Rear roof spoiler
      -Side skirts (for autocross to flow air under the car better)
      -Punch and flared fenders (to reduce lift under the fenders)
      -Door glass replaced with polycarbonate (lexan) windows, they roll up and down just like stock ones though
      -Door panels replaced with aluminum units, canvas strap door pulls, and hood straps are leather units (they get a lot of attention)
      -Genuine Porsche steel full-size inflatable spare tire/wheel

      -High compression, big valve heads (about $300-400/pair)
      -Stroker crank, bigger bore pistons and cylinders, fuel injection, dual carbs, and ?? (the car is nowhere near the engine rule limits in EP of autocross racing)
      -Smaller overall rear diameter rallycross tires would do better for gearing/power and slightly narrower rear autocross tires (205s instead of 225s) would work better to match the power to weight ratio for the car and keep momentum up
      -Transaxle could be upgraded with a Phantom Grip (poor man's posi) or Quiafe TBD (basically an LSD) differential
      -More lightening of the car? Replace steel with carbon fiber or fiberglass, seats with lighter units, etc.
      -Drag racing, track racing days, off-roading, full-restore, or ???

      -Engine seeps oil a bit (common problem)
      -Needs a professional alignment
      -Some slight play in the steering wheel from age of the steering box (handles great though)
      -A bit noisy inside for long drives (no sound insulation)
      -Could use a new paint job/seats and dash recovered

      Asking $3000
      jonlegrand at hotmail dot com

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      Apr 23rd, 2008
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      07-05-2012 11:42 AM #2
      Very cool. Just what I like but don't need!! Love to see air cooled Beetles set up to handle. Oh well, another sleepless night! Good luck with the sale!

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