i have i 1995 vr with wiring harness and chipped ecu this is just the engine NOTHING ELSE EXCEPT FOR THE AFFORMETIONED PARTS i bought it for a vr swap but another engine with everything with it came along and so i need this one gone now i bought it for $635 would like to get close to what i bought it for but im open to offers i cannot deliver you must pick up it is currently sitting in the back of my mk3 golf i have no lift but can help you lift and put it into your car/truck (we moved it from the back of my mk6 GTI to the golf with only 3 people so shouldnt be to bad) and yes i did bring it home in my mk6 GTI all my friends flaked so i said screw it and brought it back myself not really nessasary info for the post but thought I'de put that in there for no reason..........random i know but we move on as the title says I'm located in Hawaii Kai so if interested please get ahold of me via text/call/email/vwvortex messaging thingy thanks for looking. ken

Email: ksake3@gmail.com
Phone: (808)381-2743