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    Thread: Blower motor

    1. 06-18-2012 06:21 PM #1
      My air conditioning has stopped working and the dealer tells me the blower motor has frozen up. This car only has 73k on it. Anyone one else had this problem? Trying to get an idea if this is common to the 2005 Touareg or ?????

    2. 06-18-2012 08:24 PM #2
      I have issues with the blower motor pulsing and then stopping,going to replace the motor and the motor control module,Marty
      2005 V5 67,000 Mi

    3. 06-29-2012 04:08 PM #3
      My dealer looked at the problem and said it was the blower motor. I contacted Customer Service at Volkswagon North America about my blower motor. I requested since this appears to be a common problem with Touareg's they share the expense on replacement. In the past they have given me a discount on parts for items that should not have have failed so soon after the warranty period. Customer Service responded by saying it was out of warranty and they no assistance would be provided.

      I subsequently went to an independent shop, had the blower confirmed as bad and had it replaced. Note: The independent shop said this is a common problem for VW and Audi. My dealer lost out on the repair and will probably not get the business to replace the front brakes as regular expected maintenance which are due soon. While I have absolutely no problem with the dealer I do feel that VW Customer Service has quality issues with some parts they are not taking responsibility for. Had VW stood behind its product the dealer would be doing the repairs. This is the 2nd major unexpected expense on this vehicle in 2 years. My license plate should read "Money Pit".

    4. 07-27-2012 04:08 PM #4
      Mine froze at 100k. easy replacement.

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