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    Thread: How Much Time Off For Dad to help Wife?

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      09-04-2012 06:37 PM #36
      If its your first and you live anywhere near the future grandparents, youd be surprised how much help will be available to you and your wife.

      The first week can be hectic when you consider the family and friends that will be in the With my first son my mother in law was with us the first week after coming home from the hospital. I took off the second week once things had calmed down and things were falling into how they would be for the next couple months. Crying, sleeping, eating and pooping... repeat. I'd save the remainder of those days for the remainder of the year which will include a couple doctors appointments and at least one set of shots (and the requirement that you be there to hold the baby while the shots are Use the rest of those days to make holidays and long weekends even longer.

      If your wife is planning on breastfeeding, with that and the amount of time newborns sleep, us dads are pretty jump in and change diapers every chance you get.

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      09-04-2012 11:56 PM #37
      My wife and I recently had our second child. I only needed to take 2 days off. He was born on a Saturday, I went back to work on Wednesday. But really it all depends on how much help from family, how cranky the baby is and the mother's energy.

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