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    Thread: '02 JTI with modest mods, clean - West Houston

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      06-23-2012 06:56 PM #1
      (Don't be offended by noob-explanations, I'm cross-posting from Craigslist)

      I bought this car from one of my best friends who owned it since new, making me the second owner. I am in no rush to sell. I am originally from New York, the car is from New Hampshire (where my friend lives who previously owned the car). I purchased the car in March and flew up to New Hampshire to drive it back down here to Texas. Definitely a 8/10 project for someone, this car was never a daily driver. It was always a second, sunday-driver "toy" car. ADULT owned and driven! Never abused, never thrown around like kids like to do these days with their pocket rockets. I have 99% of ALL documentation for any and all work that was ever done to this car.

      The car is a 1.8T with 136k on the odometer. 5-speed manual transmission. Original clutch with lots of life left, pulls just as good as day 1.

      -- Clear Blue Texas title -- The water pump is the newer metal impeller design, so you could be good for another 20-30k miles (vw specifies a 100k, not 60k interval).
      -- Jetta front end
      -- Osram silverstar for highs and fogs, slim ballast 6k HIDs for lows
      -- GLI Front Lip
      -- Forge 007 Diverter Valve
      -- Techtonic Cams
      -- Stock suspension
      -- New brake pads all around, good rotors
      -- Notchless hood (hood release is currently zipties instead of the pull-release that comes stock)
      -- GIAC X+ software
      -- 25psi
      -- Leather Door Cards from GTI GLX
      -- 42 draft designs gauge pod, VDO turbo gauge, with matching dash color
      -- UPDATED VW COILPACKS -- NO MORE COILPACK HELL! If they fail, free fix at any VW dealer
      -- Updated new brake switch and coolant temperature sensor
      -- MONSOON STEREO, 8 speakers with monsoon amp and headunit
      -- Brand new tires
      -- Fresh oil change, 0W30 Full Synthetic (has ALWAYS used 0W30 full synthetic!!)
      -- New Oil Filter
      -- New Air Filter
      -- New Cabin Filter
      -- New Premium Spark Plugs
      -- 8/10 OEM original VW wheels, with a full-size matching spare. I'll also throw in 3 chewed up, damaged VW wheels (matching) that I used for snow tires. Obviously not needed here in Texas, but can be used for drag radials to keep your good wheels clean and undamaged
      -- Brand new tint from Executive Tint on Gessner Rd. This tint has a LIFETIME warranty. 25% on the door windows and 5% on both rear windows and the hatch glass.
      -- Cold Weather Package - heated seats, heated mirrors
      -- Brand new A/C clutch and full system recharge! Ice cold A/C
      -- inspection until 3/13
      -- New wiper blades
      -- NON-LEAKING SUNROOF, electric motor works great
      -- Lifetime warranty on window motors/regulators via VW (they replaced both motors and regulators, and used the metal regulator clips instead of the plastic that fail)
      -- Sirius XM radio ready (antenna on top of car)
      -- 12v DC wire run through A-pillar and comes out behind the rearview mirror for a clean radar detector install (hides wires)
      -- 8/10 paint on most of car (besides bumper and right front quarter panel)
      -- New bushings and tie rods
      -- Always garaged

      -- Paint (front passenger quarter panel and bumper- car was hit at low speed while parked, insurance gave me these as replacements, never got a chance to paint them)
      -- Passenger Side Bumper Hanger needs to be mounted (which is why the bumper is sagging). Part is INCLUDED you just need to mount it.
      -- Alignment. Slight wheel wobble at ~75-80mph and the steering wheel is mis-aligned (turned slightly left when going straight)
      -- Power Steering Leak. The reservoir slowly leaks to HALF FULL then stops and stays half full. Causes the pump to growl at low speeds but is perfectly drivable. The cause of the leak is a loose fitting behind the passenger wheel well. Take it to a shop and they'll tighten it up for $20.
      -- Bad driver's side seat belt sensor, causes the Airbag light to come on the dash. $20 part on ebay, easy fix.
      -- Grille - I have a nice one but it's for a notch hood. Will be included -- Small dings on passenger side door. Was caused by the same incident when it was hit while parked (lady who hit me also hit a grocery cart which also hit my car), but didn't want to replace the whole door. (See pic 2)
      -- Small dent on the very top corner of the driver side door (see first pic)
      -- Small exhaust leak by turbo - had a busted bolt, which caused the car to be LOUD. I actually liked it that way, had a nice non-ricey rumble to it and created quite a bit of extra power from the turbo BUT it failed emissions so I got it fixed.

      I am asking $6200, negotiable. NO JOYRIDES! Sorry, but I sold a car last year which I let someone test drive, and they wrecked it and took off, leaving me with the bill. Can't let that happen again. Like I said, I have the full history of this car's entire life. Literally a box full of paperwork.

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