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    Thread: 2005 timing chain question.

    1. 06-25-2012 07:42 PM #1
      So i was just curious. Also im new to the s4 scene. So i know that timing chains are reliable in them selves. But i was hoping some people would be able to give me a ball park mileage that is typically a good time to go in and service the chain, guides, etc.. The car im referring to btw is a 2005 audi s4 4.2l 8cyl b6 thanks.

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      07-30-2012 10:04 PM #2

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      08-06-2012 02:12 PM #3
      at 100k the chain tensionors should be replaced, if not sooner - depends on the maintenance that was done...better maintenacne chances are you wont have to even mess with them. I have heard that an engine removal is needed to get to the tensionors...however - see youtube link. The tensionors are plastic and will break down sometime...its a matter of when.


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